Open thread: What does Franken have to do?

In an interview on Sunday with MPR News and several other news outlets in Minnesota, Sen. Al Franken said “I know I have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of people I’ve let down.”

He made the comments, of course, in response to allegations of sexual misconduct over the last week.

What does Franken need to do to earn your trust again, if anything?

  • Franken just needs to wait this out. This is a political hit. The people calling for Franken to resign get to weigh in at the next election by supporting someone to replace him in the primary, or not voting for him in the general.

  • Pej

    Franken needs to do what Franken is doing, which is to own the situation, make apologies as sincerely as possible, examine how to make good from a bad situation, and let the ethics panel process do it’s job. I think he presented the right message in the interview, and had good responses to Wurzer’s very pointed questions. He redirected on a few questions but didn’t look to duck the accusations or the reprecussions.

  • jon

    He is a politician… he never had my trust to begin with…

    Honestly… I’ve got no worries over Franken… but, I make no excuses for him either.

    He is likely not as terrible as a human being as some people will paint him, he is likely not the saint other people will paint him as.

    He is a human, he is fallible, he is a politician, so he sometimes says things we want to hear with little regard for reality, the truth, his actual beliefs.

    Accepting that those things are true of any one, I can’t defend humanity, but I also can’t be the one to condemn it.

    Given the things we know sitting senators have done (and probably continue to do) given that we’ve had senators admit to committing honest to god war crimes in their past (ok, so he was no longer in office at the time, but he ran for the office again, and lost) I suspect we’ll all just move on from this incident… no one wants to pull this thread and put every one under a microscope for all of their past actions…

  • Paul

    He insists he recalls the rehearsal interaction with Tweeden differently, why is no one asking his recollection?

    • They are. That’s when he ays it doesn’t matter; it only matters whether she felt disrespected