How not to use a roundabout

A roundabout in Worthington, Minn., was apparently too confusing for the driver of an RV. So he/she simply ignored it and took the direct route.

Coincidentally, Worthington’s roundabouts were listed among the most effective in the state in a recent study, the Worthington Daily Globe says.

  • Rob

    This clip needs to be accompanied by Yes’s “Roundabout” song

    • I was thinking it needs to be a longer clip so we could get more Waylon Jennings.

  • BJ

    People ignore stop signs, red lights – making your own road is just the next logical conclusion.

  • Keith P.

    Turned it into a straightathrough…

  • AL287

    Motorhomes are definitely not off road vehicles. Looks like they might have done some damage to the undercarriage.

  • joetron2030

    Wow! Maybe MN roundabouts need a pull-off area beforehand so folks can gather their wits before funneling into one.

    At least they didn’t go all Clark Griswold in the roundabout for a few hours…

    • X.A. Smith

      In this case, instead of Big Ben and Parliament, it would be, “Look, kids: Walmart. Taco John’s.”

  • MikeB

    Certain infractions should require drivers taking a driver’s exam in order to drive again. Like this example.

  • Dan

    I’ve watched that video like 10 times and it’s still making me laugh. Kudos to putting that to the correct soundtrack.

  • Mike Worcester

    I drive at least one roundabout nearly each day and yes, these vids are amusing, and I have certainly seen my share of hilarious/puzzling/aggravating driving in them but sadly (and at the risk of being the daily downer) a pedestrian in St. Cloud was recently killed in one of ours. 🙁

    • True. A roundabout reduces severe crashes among vehicles because of the speed and angle that they occur. Unfortunately, they won’t solve the problem of people hitting pedestrians with their vehicles.

      • Mike Worcester

        As my wife and I have discussed, this specific roundabout has the added feature of four (definitely marked) crosswalks because of the college which adds to the amount of pedestrian traffic. We both have lost track of how many times we would stop for a ped waiting to cross and the car in the lane next to us barrels on through.

        • In Woodbury, they built tunnels under the road for pedestrians to use. They don’t.

  • wendywulff

    Recently, I was behind a car that approached an empty roundabout, stopped for a bit, and then went left, to take a left turn. Fortunately no one else was around.

    • wjc

      I have also seen one of those maneuvers. I was screaming (unhelpfully) “Noooooo!” to myself.

    • Guest

      The roundabout by me has a LEFT turn arrow…..but it is trying to tell folks to go left, go 270 degrees around towards the right on the inside lane…..kinda makes a left turn a reasonable guess at what the traffic engineer was thinking.

    • Roundabouts are literally a learning curve.

      • Angry Jonny


  • Brian Simon

    The Minnehaha roundabout near me often has tire tracks indicating a ‘straight through’ route was taken…

  • Dale Wyttenbach

    You know she was looking at her phone

  • Al

    I’mma go ahead and guess that’s less roundabout confusion, more straight up distracted driving.

  • John O.

    A friend of mine is on our suburban community’s Finance Committee. We have a number of roundabouts in our fair city; the current budget assumes three signs are replaced each week.

  • Jerry

    I have the feeling they would have blown through a stoplight too.

  • Pej

    If not for the music, I would have guessed that was the Pioneer Drive / Interlachen Parkway roundabout in Woodbury. Apparently the northbound speed limit is about 85, no leftward glance required… AND it has crosswalks…frightening daily…

    • Yeah. Good idea. Poor execution there.I see the same thing.

  • Angry Jonny

    I spent 10 days driving in the south of Ireland some years ago. The acumen with which the Irish navigate their roundabouts is astounding. After a couple go-rounds near the Shannon airport, I got the hang of it and fell in love.

  • Mike Worcester

    No one will likely see this, but this roundabout has not had a great track record. Or should I say drivers at this roundabout have not had a great track record…