For basketball star, it’s a matter of heart over height

Here’s a dose of inspiration.

Johnny Ortiz, a senior at Brighton High School in Massachusetts, is one of the best basketball guards in the state. He led his team to a state championship earlier this year.

He’s hoping his basketball skills will open the door to college, a place neither of his parents went.

“I’m always thinking, ‘you gotta go somewhere. You gotta take your family out of the hood,'” he tells the Boston Globe.

No college has extended an offer to him yet.

Johnny Ortiz, basketball star, is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

You’ve got to watch the full documentary. You won’t spend a better nine minutes, 23 seconds today.

Heart over height

"Being on the short side of a tall game, I'm always having to look up at people." At 5'3", Johnny Ortiz is perhaps Boston's most unlikely basketball star. Watch the full video:

Posted by The Boston Globe on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    • 5’7″

      Then there was Mugsy Bogues. He was 5′ 3″. It can be done. Bet Mugsy wouldn’t get a college offer nowadays, though. College coaches are infallible.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Here’s the hopeful scenario for young Mr. Ortiz. His documentary (which I don’t have time to watch now) makes it to a wealthy alum of a D2 or D3 school who decides to create a scholarship for Mr Ortiz to attend his or her alma mater. Maybe anonymously, maybe not. All of a sudden, ESPN, CBS and other sports outlets that deal in college basketball are sending reporters to games played by this D2 or D3 school. That school, plus their opponents now get some free publicity that is often reserved for the big name schools. He finishes school with a degree in whatever he wants to do, gets a try out with the Celtics, because Danny Ainge knows a good story when he sees one as well.