Windy Ferm celebrates a birthday

You can do a lot worse than being a 91-year-old man in Erhard, Minn. (pop. 149), at least if your name is Windy Ferm.

It was Windy’s birthday yesterday but the snowfall kept him from making his appointed rounds at the Ye Olde School House Restaurant, WDAY reports. So owner Bryan Stetz went and got Windy because the town was throwing a party for him.

Stories, anyone?

Windy couldn’t afford a wedding gift a few years ago for server Lacy Holmquist, so he gave her a Dutch oven he didn’t use anymore.

He stopped going to the restaurant awhile ago and when the people at the restaurant found out it’s because he couldn’t afford it, they created “Windy prices” on the menu.

He doesn’t have a car, or television, or relatives to call when he needs help.

But he’s got the people at the restaurant who are providing a Minnesota birthday for the old-timer today.

They’re taking him to Fleet Farm for some new underwear and batteries.

  • Bob Sinclair

    //”new underwear and batteries” – because what else would a 91 year old need?

  • Jay Sieling

    I wonder if Windy has stormy eyes/ that flash at the sound of lies? – In Erhart, everyone knows it’s Windy

  • kat

    I had the pleasure of knowing Windy when I was a child. He told excellent stories. He knew all about the animals in the lakes and forest and kept us kids posted on where to find the most recent beaver dams and eagles’ nests.