What’s in a logo?

We’ve always enjoyed watching our graphics design friends see things that we can’t; it’s what keeps them in business what with the freshness and newness of their messaging.

Does it make a difference? You decide.

Alexandria, Minn., wanted a new logo. The old one just wasn’t cutting it anymore, apparently. It’s 20 years old.

We love Alexandria as much as the next person, but when it’s time to leave, we’ve never had much problem. Just point the car to the I-94 on-ramp and pick a direction. What could be simpler?

Now? With the new logo unveiled this week, we’re practically held hostage.

“The beauty of this new logo and look is that it is very versatile,” communications coordinator Sara Stadtherr told the council this week, according to the Alexandria Echo Press. “The logo itself can stand alone, it can also have the words ‘City of’ on the top or it can have words under it as well — like the version that has ‘Minnesota’ on it.”

It’s tough being a graphic designer. There’s always “that guy.”

That guy in Alexandria is council member Bob Kuhlman.

“It could be done on the Internet for $49,” he said.