Video: Rosemount child almost hit by driver ignoring school bus signal

Aside from the obvious, what’s particularly upsetting about this Minnesota State Patrol video is that the pick-up driver didn’t bother slowing down, even when he was about to hit the girl crossing the street after being dropped off by a school bus (with flashing red lights).

The incident happened last December in Rosemount but was released today now that a court case has concluded.

On Aug. 1, Minnesota got tough on drivers like this. It raised the fine to $500.

Update: In other bus news…

  • KariBemidji

    Instead of a fine (because obviously fines do not work in Minnesota or anywhere), the punishment should be riding as a safety monitor on a school bus for 6 months, for both morning and afternoon shifts. Specifically one with ages kindergarten to senior high.

    • Rob

      With driving privileges also revoked for at least that long.

  • kevins

    That was waaaaay too close.

  • >>The incident happened last December in Rosemount but was released today now that a court case has concluded.<<

    Any word as to how this case turned out?

    /As an aside, i have a buddy who drives a bus for Rosemount. He says this stuff happens all the time…

    • Mike Worcester

      Every single one of my bus driver pals tell me the same. :/

  • Barton

    I wish this was surprising. I had a driver go AROUND ME when I was stopped for the flashing lights and extended arm on a school bus last week (I was on my bicycle, taking the middle of the lane). The kids hadn’t gotten off yet, but man, the incident really scared me. Driver also gunned his engine and laid down his horn in anger while going around me, completely ignoring any reason why I might be stopped.

  • BReynolds33

    Anything further you can share on the court case? Did the driver of the truck get caught and charged?

    • DPS says Rosemount police are going to discuss the case this afternoon, presumably at a news conference.

  • Jeff

    I would hope that they teach the kids to look out for a**holes when getting on and off the bus.

  • A-man

    Wow, $500. That’ll show em.

    • Jim in RF

      Exactly. $500 isn’t just nothing, but its essentially inconsequential to a middle-class household.

    • Rob

      Yet another example that life is cheap.

    • asiljoy

      26% of households have no savings, 36% have no retirement fund, and 48% can’t handle a 500 dollar emergency expense without missing other bills.

      I’m really not a fan of fines. I’d rather see community service or something that everyone would be able to cover.

  • Nato Coles

    Notice how that Chevy then continues down the wrong side of the road? In light of ignoring the bus, and this idiotic driving, that driver needs their license suspended, and a hefty fine and/or community service.

  • jon

    The busses I pass headed home from work are always so considerate, if I’m tailing them they pull over tight to the curb, and wave me past before they open the door/deploy the stop sign…

    And every time they start up again if they do happen to catch me at the stop sign they wave me in front of them so they don’t stop me at the next bus stop down the road…

    I very much get the impression that the drivers don’t like stopping traffic, they appreciate they have to sometimes, but they’d really rather traffic just not be there in the first place, and they are frequently willing to wait for traffic to clear before they deploy the sign…

  • Jerry

    I’m shocked that it was the driver of a pickup truck that drove dangerously aggressive (I’m not actually shocked).

  • AL287

    It kind of goes along with texting while driving or distracted driving.

    Nothing is so important that you can’t stop for 3-5 minutes to let a child get safely across the street. If you’re in a hurry, there are likely other routes you can take if you’re one of those who don’t feel the need to obey the law and stop for the school bus.

    Pick up drivers in the TC area are some of the rudest drivers in Minnesota. They are oversized and dangerous with the wrong person behind the wheel. That student would not have survived that collision or if (s)he did they would have been critically injured.

    I can understand why so many parents drop off and pick up their children from school.

    When I sub teach, as I’m driving home after school I often see bus drivers trying to turn left when I’m approaching. I frequently stop to let them make their turn especially if they are just pulling out after school and they are very appreciative.

  • Mike Worcester

    Not condoning the man’s behaviour (in Update 1) in any way or form; nope, not at all. Here is some local reporting on the incident. Also not trying to hijack the thread.