Thumbs down, America!

Nothing screams “America” quite like the popularity of “thumbs down guy.”

A New York Mets fan, “thumbs down guy” couldn’t possibly have known he’d be famous thanks to his expressed displeasure about a New York Yankee homerun hit in his team’s stadium — Citi Field — in September.

But famous he is, becoming the symbol for the Yankees and their run to the edge of the World Series.

When the Yankees players do something good — a common occurrence in the postseason this year — down go the thumbs.

His name is Gary Dunaier and he’s become the first New York Mets fan to be loved by Yankees fans.

There are now thumbs-down T-shirts and a thumbs-down bobblehead.

In a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel last night between segments, Dunaier suggested he might root for the Yankees should they make the World Series.

  • Gary F

    Good to hear he’s getting a cut on all this.

  • crystals

    Gary gives a good interview! He’s a hoot.

  • Rob

    We could use the thumbs down whenever T.Rump does something good…

    • crystals

      A thumbs down is now my preferred method of communicating road rage. It’s so disarming and seems like it actually makes people feel bad instead of the finger just enraging them. My PSA for the day!

      • Nato Coles

        That’s been my “roadus operandi” for bad drivers for some time now as well!

  • Bob Sinclair

    Is this another sign of bizarro world where everything is backwards?