Six-year-old gives pilot a flying clinic

Adam Mohammed Amer figured to be like a lot of nearly-six-years-old kids who are invited to visit the cockpit of an airliner, in this case Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi.

You know how this goes: Give the kid a look, and watch him be amazed.

It didn’t turn out that way. The kid probably could’ve flown the plane.

Not surprising that he wants to be a pilot someday.

So the airline, which knows some good PR when it sees it, made him a pilot for the day.

Cute story. But don’t read the comments on YouTube, because while kids can surprise you, adults usually don’t.

(h/t: Chris Moseley)

  • Rob

    As long as they didn’t enlist the kid to help them throw passengers off of the plane when they determined it was overbooked, I’m O.K. with it. : )

    • theoacme

      The kid would have been an improvement over everyone at United Fight Club…

  • Paul

    “Here we go baby”

    Enlisting to my rolling instructions to passenger.

  • Matt

    I have kids close to this age and it really hit my heart. You can see and feel his excitement and wonderment. That is universal! Thanks Bob

  • Doug

    How did he learn that?! Amazing.

  • Maya ADog

    Hey kid, don’t touch the throttles.