Researchers: None of us should be here

We like to think we’re a pretty smart species and, as species go, we are. But there are some things we can’t explain, like why we exist at all when science says we shouldn’t.

This week, the scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland released more research in Nature that provides further evidence that the universe shouldn’t exist, which, of course, only makes the question “why are we here, then?” all the more confounding.

It involves matter and anti-matter particles created by the Big Bang and, in theory, each particle of matter should cancel out each particle of antimatter and the result — via the Big Bang — should be, well, nothing. But we’re left with more matter than antimatter. Why?

Scientists are a patient lot and, apparently, a lot of them go to work each day with the dream that one day they’ll be able to declare that they’ve discovered the very secret of the universe.

It doesn’t appear today is going to be that day.

To do the latest research, it took 10 years just to come up with a way to even measure antimatter.

If you’re really into this sort of thing — and I mean really into it — then watch this video. Otherwise, just keep reading.

Having figured out the problem of measuring antimatter, the researchers did their experiments and concluded — again — that we shouldn’t be here.

“All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist,” Dr. Christian Smorra declared.

And yet, here we are.

The researchers could spot no differences in mass, electric charge, or magnetism via protons and antiprotons that might’ve provided a clue as to why something exists when all the science we know says it shouldn’t.

Inverse Science writes that it’s possible the imbalance between antimatter and matter involves some minuscule property of antimatter science doesn’t know about.

If it doesn’t, then, perhaps, the idea of a Big Bang will have to be reconsidered.

  • Rob

    The way things are going these days, the idea of non-existence is sounding more and more appealing…

  • MrE85

    I like to think that in the parallel anti-matter universe, anti-matter MrE85 is still on message.

  • chlost

    Maybe we are all just playing out a game of make-believe of some larger being for which we are mere toys.

    • RBHolb

      Wasn’t that at least one episode of The Twilight Zone?

  • ZB!

    By any rational measure the president should not exist but he does which proves that if you lie enough and people are dumb enough then anything is possible which goes to prove that its a lie to say that the universe actually exists when it shouldn’t exist which is why it does exist.

  • Herrnhut

    He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

    • There have been over 5000 gods that have been worshiped by humanity, but don’t worry, YOUR god is right.


      • Herrnhut

        In the first generation of the 12 tribes, Joseph was sold off by his 10 brothers to Egypt. He suffered much as a slave and in prison to rise up to become the savior (as Jesus) of Egypt (gentile world) thru hard time. He married an Egyptian woman (gentile church) and was called savior in his Egyptian title.
        In the mean time Judah went off to marry a Canaanite (the world) woman named Shuah (wealth). They had 3 sons. Two of them died (slewed by God). In the end time even their family will be saved by heavenly Joseph when they recognize him the long lost brother was dead now lives while Jacob (Israel) suffer all his life. This account happened 3900 years ago and is still in play in every hamlet and town but Jesus is the Son of God hidden in Genesis now revealed to the four corners while all the other gods and religions of 4 thousand years ago are all faded museum pieces.

        • Cute little story you got there.

          • Herrnhut

            The middle son of Shuah who died was called Onan.

          • Onan was actually Shuah’s grandson.

            You should really bone up on your stories.

  • Dennis Kittel

    There really is a simple three letter word that explains what scientists cannot………….GOD

    • So many theories, so little time. I think about stuff like this all the time and it’s fascinating and, of course, just as mystifying. How did God come to exist, for example.

      I think all of this is going to require a breakthrough in the very concept of time.

    • DJ Wambeke

      A god that only inhabits the gaps in scientific knowledge is a small (and vanishing) god.

    • kevins

      Which God?

    • Herrnhut

      In the original Hebrew language of the Old Testament, there is no future tense. All the words are either in past or present tenses. When men translated the Old Testament, they added their future tense for their own little brain understanding. But God (Elohim) lives before time and outside time. What He said already happened before the future arrived. That is why and what He promised of His Son Jesus, our LORD (HWHY) are all fulfilled and is the truth.

  • jon

    One of the more convincing arguments for a multiverse with a very large, if not infinite number of dimensions is the rules of physics existing as they do.

    If gravity were a little stronger, or the nuclear weak force a little stronger, or the strong force a little weaker, or electromagnetic force a little different, our universe as we know it wouldn’t exist.

    Even as it stands it took billions of years (~4.5) for life to get to the point where it is on earth, where we are able to ask the questions of why the heck the laws of physics are what they are…

    But if there is a infinite number of universes, each with slightly different laws governing it… the law of large numbers means that universe like ours existing has probability of 1.

    As for antimatter, the best theory I’ve heard is revolves around how matter is clustered in our universe…. Solar systems have massive gaps between planets, and there are even larger gaps between stars in a galaxy, and even larger gaps between galaxies, and even larger gaps between galaxy clusters…

    If there were entire antimatter galaxies out there, we need only have them be in a different galaxy cluster, and then all the electromagnetic radiation we’d be able to detect would be indistinguishable from a galaxy made of matter (until regular matter collides with it… then detection becomes a lot easier.)

    Of course for us to ensure that antimatter and matter didn’t collide we’d need to have something that made the distribution of matter and antimatter different in the early universe… like say them having differing electrical charges… this would suggest that there was a strong magnetic field at some point across the universe that drove matter one way, and antimatter a different way…
    This could mean that half the galaxy (maybe even part we can’t see because the universe is expanding faster than light can travel across it. which would explain why we haven’t detected the matter/antimatter interactions at whatever threshold where the two are able to meet) is actually anti-matter.

    The new research into dark matter makes this theory require something to actively seperate antimatter and matter in the early universe, but we already know that matter wasn’t uniformly distributed after the big bang, as if it had been no stars would have been able to form…

    • Rob

      And what does it really anti-matter when all is said and done?

      • kevins

        So dark matter walks into a bar….

    • Jack

      You made my head hurt.

  • Mike Worcester

    I’m kind of amazed no one has come up with a Matrix-esque answer yet. You know, deja vu and all?

    Then again, some days I feel like the whale in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…. 🙂

  • kennedy

    Whats to say that we are not made of anti-matter and it’s really matter that is in short supply. Perspective matters (or anti-matters).

  • Bob Sinclair

    And yet, here we are.