In Jordan, toilet paper isn’t funny

Where is the line between youthful pranks and criminal behavior?

Let the Jordan, Minn., police department be your guide.

The police department is threatening criminal charges for any kids who “toilet paper” trees, a homecoming week prank as old as life itself.

The department’s Facebook page has issued a declaration that this will not be tolerated.

The department says on its Facebook page:

If you are toilet papering homes, throwing trash and garbage into others yards, or you are doing things that may cause damage to another’s property be advised if we catch you our police department will be criminally charging you (potential charges = littering, disorderly conduct, damage to property, curfew, trespassing). Many citizens do not find these behaviors during homecoming week funny and it’s very upsetting for them. Homeowners are encouraged to contact our department to report in-progress incidents of this nature.

Throwing trash and damaging property, of course, are legitimate gripes.

But throwing a roll or two of toilet paper into a tree? Where exactly does that rank on a scale of zero to childhood cancer?

“Ya’ll need to calm down and let kids be kids and have fun during the one homecoming week of the year,” one commenter said.

“I was just out in my yard picking up quite a bit of toilet paper that had blown into our yard from a toilet papered house across the street and 3 houses down,” counters another. “Maybe the kids that do the toilet papering should also pick up the mess.”

  • Mike Worcester

    Could someone explain to me the appeal of this “prank”? I sure don’t recall it being done in my neck of the woods in my childhood. Or maybe our home just got skipped?

  • Mike Stevens

    I’m OK with TPing houses. TP breaks down and is gone after the first heavy rain. But flushable wiping houses is a no-no. FW’s don’t break down and can congeal in the front yard.

  • Jay Sieling

    Technology has changed this prank:

    • RBHolb

      As a confirmed adult, I wish I could say that my first reaction to that video was not “Cool! How much to rent a leaf blower?”

  • AL287

    Where I went to high school, toilet paper was a mark of popularity. High schoolers egged the houses of students/teachers they didn’t like.


    • Noelle

      Same here, in rural WI you TP’ed the houses of people you liked. Plus each homecoming the seniors would TP all the trees behind the high school. I’m not shocked that there are people out there who don’t care for it, though.

  • DavidG

    At my high school, the cheerleaders TP’d and put up signs the teams (football and girls basketball, which was a fall sport in ND back then) before either homecoming or one of the two big rivalry games. IIRC, they did call parents and gave them an option to opt out of the tp portion. Not many opted out.

  • Brian Simon

    I kind if want to TP the Jordan PD.

    • Jay T. Berken

      The key to any high schooler prank is time. If one were smart, they would TP the Jordan PD on a random day when they aren’t looking for it, like in March.

  • Jerry

    So what’s their opinions on shrink wrapping someone’s car?

    • RBHolb

      How much shrink wrap would one need, and what, if any, special equipment would be required?

      Asking for a friend.

  • Mark_in_MN

    Did the police chief, mayor, or someone on city council get TPed sometime in the last few days?