In Eau Claire, breastfeeding and legislating don’t mix

The Eau Claire, Wis., City Council has put an end to any breastfeeding during meetings.

On a 7-to-1 vote yesterday, the council banned from the dais at City Hall children and anyone else not elected to be there.

It wasn’t aimed at children. It was aimed at mothers, specifically those who breastfeed.

“I still believe that a mother who breast-feeds when she needs to is allowed to be up on the dais. I still believe that to be true,” council member Catherine Emmanuelle said, according to the Leader-Telegram. “I know of no law that prohibits a mother from being there.”

“It’s my understanding that I’m legally protected to feed my child at my dais, at my legislative seat.”

No public testimony was taken on the issue prior to the 2.5 hours of debate. And the council canceled a public hearing on the issue on Monday.