Go ahead, insult us and make our day

If there’s one thing we love in Minnesota, it’s being insulted and outraged and Pulitzer Prize winner David Fahrenthold‏ of the Washington Post provided our reason for living today with this tweet promoting an appearance in Washington with Bob Woodward, who once did something big for the Post:

Well, first of all, Garrison Keillor doesn’t play the mandolin. That would be Chris Thile, who took over Keillor’s show more than a year ago. But news travels slowly from flyover country.

Second of all, what did we do to you, Fahrenthold?

Cue the outrage!

For the record, historically when a Washington Post reporter insults Minnesota, it means he wants to move here.

  • Mike Worcester

    There are Minnesota sports fans who still gnash their teeth at Al Michaels for supposedly slighting us, about twenty years ago (or so if memory serves).

  • Veronica

    Ah, there you go, Bob– now we know who still finds Keillor relevant.

  • Yes, he has his facts wrong, but I think you’re on to something when you suggest he might want to follow Ingraham.

    • I’m sure there’s another county somewhere in Minnesota willing to treat like a hero, an out of towner who’ll pay attention to it.

  • Meh, he can stay out there. The winter cold here would probably kill him.

    • Hasn’t it been a few years since it’s been cold here in the winter?

      • Bob Sinclair

        Ahh, but this year….

        • I’ve decided not to even bring my snowblower back from the hangar this year.

          • Bob Sinclair

            Should we check back in 3 months to see how that worked out?

          • Well, if it should snow, I’ll go get it. But after last winter, hauling it back in anticipation of winter (I have to rent a trailer from UHaul for $20) is becoming problematic. I actually considered selling it this year. We’ll see.

          • >>I actually considered selling it this year. We’ll see.<<

            You realize that the week after you sell it MN will get record snowfall.

            Just ask P Hutt about that phenomenon.


          • Bob Sinclair

            The only reason I say this is that out here on the Left Coast our last two winters have resembled Minnesota’s. I think that its back to your turn.

      • Rob

        Any time it’s below freezing is cold in my book.

  • MikeB

    Thin-skinned Minnesotans – it’s not a good look.

  • Rob

    As penance, Fahrenthold should be forced to watch the video of the 1992
    Super Bowl half-time production. The show was profoundly tacky, and as Tom Weber noted on his show yesterday, it has not aged well.

    The theme of the event tells us all we need to know – “Minnesota: Where Winter is the hottest time of the year.” Do the Frosty!