1,000 Words: The catch

It’s all there in this Rockwellian picture of Aaron Judge’s catch of a potential two-run homer by Cleveland Indians star Francisco Lindor last evening.

The kid who wants to catch the ball, the kid who doesn’t, the expression of the fans who’ve already given up hope of the Yankees continuing in the playoffs, and, of course, the guy who experiences everything with a cellphone.

  • BReynolds33

    From my estimate, only two people have their eye where it should be… on the ball. The player, and the kid with the black and white glove in the front row.

    • Only if they’re trying to catch the ball, which most are not. They’re doing exactly what they should be doing if they’re trying to figure out where that ball is going. They’re watching the outfielder.

    • Barton

      The two men to the left (in the picture) of the kid also have their eyes on the ball.

  • fromthesidelines21

    The kid above the guy in the Corona t-shirt doesn’t seem impressed.

  • John O.

    Another unique aspect: I don’t believe I see a female patron anywhere in that photo.

    • Two rows back of the “Save Water. Drink Beer” guy

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Also the person behind the outstretched arm of the guy in the yellow t-shirt might be female.

        Edit: Note to self watch the video before commenting. At 0:19 of the video its obvious that person is a woman.

      • John O.

        Yep. Thanks.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    What nobody has mentioned is that there is also proof that baseball is a family game. In the row above the guy in the beer t-shirt is a little kid mostly obscured by the “Save, water, Drink, beer” guy. On either side of him are two guys that are obviously related. (probably brothers, maybe even twins).

    On a another note, the guy in yellow with the glove is thinking, “Don’t be Bartman, don’t be Bartman.”

    • jon

      was just about to say the guy in the yellow shirt is totally setting up for a Steve Bartman incident…

      • wjc

        His glove is under Judge’s, so he is avoiding doing the “Bartman”.

  • Capn

    Dude is so huge he makes the glove look like a child’s.

  • Jeff

    While watching I was fantasizing about the reaction if Santana had homered and put the Indians up in the 9th. Few things make me happier than the sight of deflated Yankee fans. Sigh.