Wis. woman who took up yoga at 102 dies

Charlotte Bleistein, 102, of Greendale, Wis., has died. Earlier this year she got a little regional fame because she had started taking up yoga, as profiled by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jim Stingl. She had more time for it once she gave up her career as a lawyer after a traffic accident at age 96.

On Saturday she went to a party for a favorite politician (where the above picture was taken), stayed there for four hours and then went to a fundraiser for the benefit of workers injured on the job. On Sunday she was to go to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra but gave the ticket away, Stingl writes today, because she “didn’t want to miss a meeting of the Painesville Chapel Memorial Association that works to preserve a freethinkers gathering place in Franklin.”

Somewhere between all of that she collapsed and died at her home.

A friend recalls that on Saturday Charlotte told her, “I’m just starting to feel old.”

Here’s a tribute.