Will mow White House lawn. Cheap.

Frank Giaccio, from Falls Church, Va., may be an 11 year old whose lawn-mowing career is peaking.

He mowed the White House lawn today. He had sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking for the opportunity to mow the lawn around the Rose Garden.

Mission accomplished.

Safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves? Good form, son.

This is believed to be the first time in U.S. history a TV network has provided live coverage of a kid mowing a lawn. The solid handshake at 3:28 an instant classic, by the way.

“I’d like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for,” he said in a letter to the White House. “I admire your business background and have started my own business.”

We’ll ignore the fact this picture shows you missed a spot, kid.

In his defense, could you mow a straight line while the president of the United States is trying to talk to you?

Presumably, the White House groundskeepers will quietly go over the lawn again once the media disappears, pretty much like you did when your kid got his first lawnmowing gig for a neighbor.

Discussion point: When’s the last time a kid knocked on your door asking if you wanted your lawn mowed?

(h/t: Brian Bakst)

  • Gary F

    When’s the last time a kid came by my house and asked to mow the lawn? Not sure, but I wish one of those kids would stop over to the neighbor’s house.

    • >>Not sure, but I wish one of those kids would stop over to the neighbor’s house.<<

      I cut my neighbor's lawns all the time if they get shaggy. Maybe you can step up and do the same?

      /In the winter, I clear their walks with my snowblower.

      //No payment needed or expected.

  • EarthToBobby

    I hope he took his payment in advance.

  • Kassie

    I see kids looking for work, like mowing, on NextDoor all the time. Much more efficient to put up a post then go door to door.

    • Jennifer

      We hired a kid from NextDoor to mow our lawn this year. I would way rather pay a kid trying to make some cash than a service. He did a great job.

    • Jim in RF

      See this too, even out here in the sticks. Marketing has moved to craigslist. Pet sitters is a big thing – still done by kids, but no door-to-door.

  • Rob

    Trump probably made a branding agreement with the kid and his dad, whereby the kids’ business will be called “Trump Turfcare,” and all the equipment will be emblazoned with Trump logos.

  • jackweho

    First it was the kid down the block (like me) who during his paper route knocked on doors asking to mow a lawn. Next came the wave of Asians who came around and knocked on doors. Now almost all lawns are mowed by the wave of illegals from south of the border. It has become very proprietary…no competing lawn service will try to take business away for fear of repercussions. Kids cannot compete against a crew of two or three that has power mowers, chain saws, power trimmers, etc. that can do the whole property. The kid down the block only has his mower so the property owner still needs someone to trim the bushes and roto-till the beds…kids can’t compete versus the gardening crews.

    • // Now almost all lawns are mowed by the wave of illegals from south of the border.

      You check the immigration status of people in your neighborhoods who mow lawns? How do you do that?

    • jon

      I remember people saying that in the 90’s when I was a kid cutting grass…

      Then again at the peek me and my brother were pulling down at least a grand a week (net)… And if that is what not being able to compete looks like, I guess I’ll take it.

      But disparaging youth is as popular now as it was back in the 90’s… Same with Latinos I suppose…

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dab0dac4bc2dbe6dbd385c2c44f18ee259ecff8a3dd8f888d3bcbd329fa4c3b9.jpg

    Oddly enough, this is the most physical labor that Trump has ever done in his life.

  • Barton

    My neighbor’s kid mows our lawn/shovels our snow when we are on vacation/too lazy to do it. I’m going to miss the ability to email him and ask him to mow tonight b/c it’s too humid for me (yes, I have done that. Yes, he’s taken such short notice jobs. Yes, I tip him extra for my laziness). He’ll be leaving for college in two years… no other kids on the block.

    • What’d you say that kid’s name and phone number is, again?