Three years of losing ends in Roseau

We love winners here on NewsCut, but, man, we have a soft spot for teams that lose (hi, Wrenshall).

Roseau, you’re no longer in our club, thanks to your high school football team’s 9-to-8 win over Eveleth-Gilbert the other night. That’s the first win since 2014, according to the Grand Forks Herald.

It takes special kids to show up for practice every day when you’ve gone your entire high school career without winning a game.

“I love playing football. But it was hard (during the losing streak) to keep the negativity away on the team,” Pacey Miller, a senior, tells the paper.

Two of the team’s three losses this year were by 48-to-13 (Breckenridge) and 56-to-12 (Hawley) scores.

In last season’s 0-9 schedule, the team was shut out four times by 47, 33, 15, and 43 scores.

And there wasn’t much reason to expect Roseau to pull out their win, either. Trailing 8-to-6 with 10 minutes left, junior Hunter Nelson had to make a 30-yard field goal. His coach tells the Herald he’s never made one in a game before.

He made it.

Originally, the team was scheduled to play Frazee on Friday night but Frazee cancelled its season because it didn’t have enough kids to play football.

Had Roseau not added Eveleth-Gilbert to the schedule, it would have ended the losing streak anyway with a forfeit win.

And Eveleth-Gilbert was no pushover. The squad has shut out opponents twice this season.