Terry Gross, briefly

We’re big fans of PBS NewsHour’s “Brief But Spectacular” series, more so today because it provides a nod to a public radio god.

  • X.A. Smith

    She’s the best!
    I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend this interview with her:


    It’s from a short podcast series of interviews by Jesse Thorn, where he interviews great interviewers, including Marc Maron, Ira Glass, Ray Suarez, Errol Morris and Werner Herzog.

    I think Jesse Thorn is the next Terry Gross.

  • AL287

    I truly enjoy Terry Gross and her interview style.

    I often listened to her on my hour drive back from St. Cloud after teaching my evening college classes.

    I’ve never seen a picture of her so I was surprised by her short hair. Don’t know why but for some reason I expected her to have long flowing tresses.

    Regardless, she is spectacular on air or in person and the great variety of topics and guests on her show truly sets her apart.

  • joetron2030
  • JamieHX

    Love Terry Gross. She’s a national treasure.

  • Robert Johnson

    She’s never fessed up for her unwarranted attack on Bill O’Reilly several years ago.

    The NPR’s Ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin chastised Gross for her unprofessional behavior.

    No doubt, Bill O’Reilly should be asked tough questions, but Gross seemed to have some kind of grudge to settle with him.

    It was not her best moment.

    • Au contraire. What we’ve subsequently learned about Bill O’Reilly is that Terry Gross, fittingly, was well ahead of the rest of America in assessing Bill O’Reilly.

      • Robert Johnson

        Mr. Dvorkin found otherwise.

  • Tyler

    Terry Gross deserves credit where it’s due, but when she’s off, she’s very off. Her last interview with Carrie Fisher was repellent. Carrie had just released The Princess Diarest, a memoir based on a diary she kept during the filming of Star Wars. Terry spent nearly the entire interview trying to coax out salacious details of Carrie’s relationship with Harrison Ford.