Irma repaints earthly hues

For our occasional series — The Beauty of Disasters — we give you this before-and-after shot from space of the water surrounding Florida.

The extent to which nature remakes the colors of earth is more impressive the farther you zoom out.

  • BReynolds33
  • AL287

    What amazes me is even with being over land, the outer bands of Irma are as far away as Illinois, Ohio and Indiana!

    She’s one hell of a monster storm!

    • Al

      I mean, it’s nearly in Wisconsin.

      A hurricane.

      In Wisconsin.

      Holy cow.

      • Jack

        While vacationing in 2005, we drove through the remnants of Arlene in Indiana. It was scary. I remember watching the double-trailered semi in front of us being whipped around the road from the wind gusts.

        Not something I want to experience again. We travel with a weather radio now.

    • jon

      My uncle left florida for the hurricane, he went to st. louis where my cousin lives, shortly after the models began predicting that the storm wasn’t going to hit florida and then head back out towards the north atlantic, and instead shifted towards a run at st. louis…

      Long story short, I think my uncle might owe that storm some money or something…….

  • Jay Sieling

    A natural disaster is also an ecological disaster. The browning of the islands – the sediment in an otherwise shallow and pristine bay. Big change and long lasting economic impact.