Few hurt feelings after 98-0 football rout

Something’s got to give on Saturday when the St. Scholastica football team takes on Greenville of Illinois, which lost last weekend 76-to-3. St. Scholastica lost to St. John’s University 98-doughnut.

Gary Fasching, the Johnnies head coach, says he got hate mail after the game, but you’ve got to feel for the guy. He had the unenviable job of figuring out how not to embarrass another team without embarrassing them further.

It wasn’t easy because Kurt Ramler, the St. Scholastica coach and former SJU quarterback, rested all the upperclassmen and played his freshmen.

There doesn’t appear to be any hard feelings between the two at all, according to their interview with the Pioneer Press’ Bob Sansevere.

Fasching told Sansevere he didn’t like what was happening.

We could play them 10 more times and there is no way the score ends up like it did. With four minutes left in the third quarter, the score was like 70-0. I asked the official, “Is there anything we can do? Can we do running time?” The official said, “There is no running time in college football.”

He said the coaches can shorten the game. It is up to the two coaches. I said, “How much can we shorten it?” He said we could play a one-minute fourth quarter. I said, “I would be in favor of that.” I thought I’d know the answer when he asked Kurt. Kurt is a competitor. He was a great player at St. John’s. He said, “No, we’ll play the fourth quarter.” We ran three plays.

We ran a quarterback sneak, a dive and an off-tackle run by our running back. We didn’t pitch the ball. Our last pass was at the 10-minute mark in the third quarter. A running play was called. Our third-string quarterback called an audible. It was the hardest game I’ve ever had to coach in.

SJU could’ve taken a knee on every play, but that would just embarrass St. Scholastica more.

“I said to our coaches, ‘Let’s find plays that aren’t going to work,’” he said. But every play that wasn’t supposed to work … worked.

“There’s a really good life lesson in here about controlling what you can control,” Ramler told Sansevere. “You’ve got to respond, and you choose how you respond. How are we going to respond to this?”

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  • I enjoy seeing my alma mater win, but games like this are why I have a hard time watching much before the playoffs. Unless it’s Johnnie-Tommie or one of the other MIAC programs is having a great year, the games before the playoffs are pretty lopsided. Winning by 40 every time can actually get boring

  • Gary F

    He played the whole team. Part of having a good program is getting the younger players real playing time. That’s what makes them good once they become juniors and seniors, and it keeps kids in the program. Its tough keeping the middle to marginal players to stay with the program seeing they are not getting scholarships. And when these younger kids play, you have to have them play to win.

    • Do most college teams have a 160 people on the roster? Holy buckets.

      • John Paulson

        As you probably know being an all mens school means no title IX issues to worry about so they can keep as many players as they want and not have to worry about those issues.

  • Ralphy

    As a coach, you can never ask your players not to play their best. SJU went as deep into their bench as possible. They called as conservative plays as they had. To ask your third or fourth string players to deliberately not try to do their best would be an even greater insult to the players on both teams and the integrity of the game. Both coaches did the right thing, both teams did their best. It is possible that St Scholastica is in the wrong conference, at least for football.

    My daughter’s varsity HS basketball team lost to North HS something like 98-20. The North starters were all sitting within 5 minutes. The second team was done by the end of the 1Q. The North coach instructed her players to play a soft zone defense and to make at least 3 passes before taking a shot. I don’t know what else she could have done. Tell the 7th and 8th graders on the floor not to make plays? Of course not. Competition is more about giving your best effort as it is about the score.

    • Bluthar

      yes you do ask your players not to play their best

      • Nihelus Aurenis

        That’s insulting to both sides, and neither side will learn anything. I’ve been on the receiving end of scores like that years back and I’d be upset if they just “let us catch up”. I suppose everyone should get a participation trophy too, huh? Can’t have hurt feelings these days… at least until kids get to the real world and they can’t function because nobody taught them how the real world works until it was too late.

      • J_P

        You do not, that’s nonsence.
        This may be the only chance to play for the 4th and 5th stringers. If you dont play hard in football, you GET HURT.
        Obviously you have never played a sport in your life.

      • Mike Montgomery

        And give the losing team participating trophy?

        • laurie66bay

          I’ve never understood why people need to be embarrassed about winning a game. Sure, you don’t need to keep your starters in when you are 50 points ahead, so play the ones who don’t get to play much. But if you are letting the players who don’t get playing time play, and the other team wants to continue, why be embarrassed if you keep winning???

          Hopefully the losing team is learning something. If nothing else, learning to keep playing even though they are getting their butts kicked.

          A winner who isn’t purposefully trying to humiliate them has no need to feel bad, or tell their players to take a knee. Thats just lame.

        • $33269436

          If only there were more safe spaces on the field.

      • daviedave


      • Ronaldus_Maximus

        I bet your kids are going to love you when they figure out a business rival isn’t going to hold back.

        • $33269436

          If you call Time Out during a shark feeding frenzy… they always stop, don’t they?

      • Jen V


  • John Schilling

    Football is so over and done…Millenials don’t give two rat’s nasties about such a dumb-ass “game.” Another brownie for the doggie pile. L8R.

  • Hood Ratt

    We used to have to run out of bounds and slow down when we were beating a team by more than 40 points. I am happy to see a coach with guts!

  • Citizen Quasar

    I HOPE the winning team used this game as an opportunity to clean the bench and let everyone play. Anything else is…uh…un-academic.

    • Herb Tarlick

      Did you read the article?

      • Citizen Quasar

        Oops! My bad. I just kind of glanced over it an missed that part. Now that I read it closely I see my comment was erroneous.

  • Huskerbob

    We old competitive swimmers know that when you get your ass beat you just plain get your ass beat. Nothing to hang your head about. Just get in the pool and work harder. Sometimes you’re not going to beat that guy in the next lane. It’s life. It’s a lesson that many young people could stand to learn.

    • Ronaldus_Maximus

      Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug.

      • Huskerbob

        Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. You win some and you lose some and some get rained out but you suit up for all of them. How’s that?

  • dont_bring_me_down

    F*** the excuses–this isn’t an ‘everybody wins’ world.

    The losing program agreed to compete. Their fate is up to them to determine.

  • skeexix

    Frazier High School in Perryopolis PA, the score was 82-0 at half. This was 4 years ago. Both coaches determined that someone/somebody could get hurt physically . Stop the game.

  • tommytorero

    Why did St. John’s schedule this game? That is the question to be asked. Bigger colleges will do it for an easy win and small D-1’s or D2’s for a payday. Not sure Scholastica got much of a payday so, again, why was the game scheduled? The Athletic Directors for both schools bear much of the blame.

    • The answer is in the link to the KSTP article.


    St. Scholastica will improve and be allrite. I remember when Bill Yeoman and the U of H Cougars first came out with the veer offense no one had seen and beat Tulsa 100 – 6. Sorry for Tulsa but the best game I ever saw. Tulsa improved and ran the veer too and beat Houston the next year.

  • Down Lowbama

    If the scholastic performance is as bad, it’s time to close the school. If not, who cares, it’s what Division FFFFFFFFF or something like that?

    A vast majority of sports players are not going to go pro, make sure they have a good education.

  • Jack Sharp

    Perhaps the school has the wrong patron saint. Seems St. Scholastica would favor academics over athletics.

    • Ronaldus_Maximus

      Maybe that’s why they got their asses handed to them.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    The real question is why have a team entered in the league. That isn’t any fun for anybody. I’m sure they could find a sport they could be competitive in.

  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    Feel for the losing team, but this isn’t “everyone gets a ribbon”. You win some. You lose some. How you deal with losing is what makes you. These young men learned a life lesson; life will hand you plenty of setbacks. Adapt, overcome and persevere.

  • thelastusername

    That’s funny. Every play that is not designed to work actually worked?