Dairy Queen advises customers: Christian music played here

It’s simple, really. If you’re offended by a business playing Christian music, don’t walk through the front door of the Dairy Queen in Kewaskum, Wis.

ICYMI: A sign on the door of a Kewaskum Dairy Queen, calling the restaurant 'politically incorrect' is generating business and conversation.

Posted by CBS 58 on Monday, September 11, 2017

Kevin Scheunemann owns the place and he can do whatever he likes. So he put a sign on the front door advising that the store is “politically incorrect” because he trusts God, gives free sundaes to veterans, and honors the flag.

Got a problem with that? Scheunemann understands, a Milwaukee TV station says. He’ll sit down and talk with you about it.

But it apparently hasn’t hurt business none.

The sign has been up for four years.

  • KariBemidji

    That’s fine and good for you. I don’t like the antagonistic tone of these posters (seen especially in the upcoming holiday season). Not very ‘Christ-Like’ in their actions and words.

  • RBHolb

    The proud use of the term “politically incorrect” is more tiresome than it is offensive.

    Does anyone ever describe themselves as “politically correct,” unless they’re being ironic?

    • Jerry

      And how are any of those things he listed “politically incorrect”? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e624d67d4e6e1e112983420141ae308263e36a45e58b55e8674855a2d83ab711.jpg

      • Jerry

        The macro is intended for the owner, not you.

    • jon

      I had some one brag about being politically incorrect and tell me how everyone is too sensitive these days… So I called him a homosapien (to his face) and he flipped out… apparently I crossed a line in politically incorrectness that day…

      Assuming people you disagree with are human is bridge too far.

  • AL287

    A town in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest with a white population of 94% in a state that flipped from Democrat to Republican.

    Did you expect anything else?

    It goes to show just how divided we are. I’m sure there aren’t going to be any white supremacy marches in the streets of Kewaskum.

    Mr. Scheunemann, your “cold” ( as in hidden/underground) racism is showing. “Christian” denotes a religious preference. It doesn’t mean your actions are Christian.

    • Sam M

      I’m not sure how this shows that he’s racist but good try.

      • Kassie

        Agreed. This isn’t racist at all. Until I hear otherwise, I believe the owner would give free sundaes to black vets, latino vets, etc. He comes off as a religious bigot, but he doesn’t come off as racist.

      • AL287

        Someone who posts this kind of announcement is usually hiding his true opinions and beliefs.

        I’d rather see a sign that says “Whites Only” than one that boasts of his Christian values much like the Pharisees in the Bible whom Christ had no patience for and warned against.

        I’ve said this many times before. God is not going to remember you were in the front pew of the church every Sunday. He’s going to remember what you did when you walked out the front door.

        • Sam M

          Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are racist. I believe Kassie nailed it in her reply. I understand you don’t like the sign and neither do I but it isn’t racist and drawing that conclusion is dangerous and quite frankly not helpful to the discussion.

          • AL287

            I know you think you understood what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard was not what I meant.

          • Sam M

            Maybe or maybe not. You also didn’t address the part about racism and link you made in your original post. Calling him a racist in your original post wasn’t helpful that’s my point.

  • MrE85

    Kewaskum is an anglicized version of the Menominee term for “Steps it back.”

    Good advice there.

  • John

    So, I clicked through, and I read the CBS story (no, I didn’t watch the video).

    Someone, four years ago, was annoyed by the music playing, and virtually nobody has cared since? That’s what I took away from it.

    This seems like a slow newsday/clickbait kind of thing to me.

    • Dan

      I’m skeptical of it being in response to anything outside the owner’s imagination. He’s just making himself into an aggrieved party to justify the antagonistic tone. Which isn’t really even necessary, the local rednecks eat that kind of stuff up regardless, along with their Dilly Bars.

      To which I say, Allah ‘akbar, good people of Kewaskum!

  • Guest

    and a Merry Christmas to you too, Sir.

  • J-dawg

    That kind of sign has always been enough to get me to take my business elsewhere. Not interested in people who publicly crow about weaponizing their personal beliefs – especially ones that their behavior expressly contradicts. When you say you’re going to wish someone Merry Christmas whether they like it or not, for example, you’re being a hypocritical jerk. You don’t want them to be merry, you want to bully them.

    • jon

      If some one wishes you a merry christmas, and you don’t want to be merry for christmas, you look them straight in the eye and say “happy solstice.”

      • RBHolb

        I would be prepared to bet that the number of people genuinely offended by “Merry Christmas” is dwarfed by the number who are offended by “Happy Holidays.”

        • I don’t pay attention to either. Heck, in Minnesota it’s a chore for people to even say “hello” to each other and strangers… who cares about either greeting, really?

      • Rob


  • Jerry

    All my sympathies go out to his employees who have to listen to Christian rock all day.

    (And have a boss with a huge misplaced martyrdom complex)

  • Gary F

    I wonder if they make their own Dilly and Buster bars on site?

    • Trevor Henry

      Back in the day on the Range a DQ owner went rogue. He quit keeping up with the franchise requirements, changed to a Dairy Barn. Things just got weird from there….

      i think he had to make like Dilly Bars that were probably called Dippy Bars or something.

      • Sam M

        The old rogue franchisee…. every brand has a few that think they know better:)

    • Bob Sinclair

      Probably not, especially if they’re tied to the coporate franchise. Also depends on how old the original franchise is for that location.

      • RBHolb

        I remember hearing somewhere that DQ is known for giving its franchisees latitude in what they serve (within certain boundaries).

        That said, I believe most franchisees make their own Dilly and Buster Bars on site. That’s why sizes differ so much between stores.

    • Kassie

      The East Side DQ on Earl does. Best damn Dilly Bars in the state.

  • Geezer44

    Poor employees that have to listen to that music all day – every day! Even churches are quiet sometimes……

  • Best practices in business would indicate that one stay away from this sort of in-your-face posturing. Play the music you want, but don’t put up posters about your opinions.

  • Rob

    The God tunes are a perfectly appropriate form of penance for buying and eating such scary, unhealthy foods. : )

  • Postal Customer

    I think what bugs me the most is that he was fed various lines about merry christmas and politically incorrect, et al. The outrage expressed on that sign is not an original thought. He heard somewhere that saying merry christmas is bad. And dagnabbit, he won’t have that.

  • lindblomeagles

    The most persistent threat to any one, greater than even our own biological health, is the fear of change. Once upon a time, our military servicemen reminded us the world has bad guys, and heroes rise up to stop the bad guys. But the War in Vietnam and Iraq, coupled with a quagmire in Afghanistan, and the peaceful displacement of Communism without bullets, bombs, and brigades from 1969 – present, changed the narrative to sometimes, unfortunately, the good guys are the bad guys. Likewise, one upon a time, the Christian Church in America stood for morally, responsible, and ethical behavior from all Americans. But the Civil Rights’ struggle, the fight for gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation equality, the greed permeating from our capitalist economy, and the personal failings of some of our most treasured political, cultural, and academic leaders, changed the narrative to build your own individual relationship with God without the use of an established institution. Quietly, for generations, the American Flag symbolized hypocrisy – the values and virtues on one hand, and the work that needed to be done to maintain those values and virtues on the other hand. The difference was we never directly talked about the hypocrisy. Persistent struggles for equality among people of color, among gender identity, and among socio-economic groups, changed the narrative to “let’s talk about it.” Kevin may very well love and endorse the actions he has taken at his Dairy Queen store. But, what I hear loud and clear from his words and actions is fear, the unmistakable feeling all will be lost to change if I don’t take a forceful stand to preserve what I had instead of embracing what I have.

  • Angry Jonny

    Seems like a sketchy thing to do with a franchise.

    • Bob Sinclair

      If the franchisor has not said anything in their periodic reviews of the store, I don’t think he’s in danger of losing his franchise. And even if something has been said/noted, it takes a lot to lose a franchise. Most expulsions are a result of continual product/image infractions and/or financial problems.

  • RBHolb

    The govt. acting at the behest of religious conservatives. Identity politics, to be sure.

    When we will be judged for how we treated the least of these His brethern, it will be judgment of nations (“kai sunachthesetai emprosthein autou panta tai ethne,” Matthew 25:32)

  • RBHolb

    Nations are being judged for how they treated the sick, the hungry, those in prison, etc. (“And will be gathered before Him all nations . . .”). It doesn’t mention judgment based on adherence to antiquated rules about stoning people for wanting to marry someone of the same gender.

  • Jerry

    People who argue over whether it was the Jews or the Romans who are responsible for Jesus’s death are really missing the entire point of the New Testament.

  • RBHolb

    Pretty much. As Bob H. pointed out, Jesus would have been a lot closer to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders than Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell (Don’t get me started on Joel Osteen).