Baseball fans to football: ‘Get off my lawn!’

Tomorrow, Target Field is going to host a football game and there are plenty of people who want to see St. John’s play St. Thomas in one of Division III’s oldest rivalries. The place will be sold out. It was a slam dunk move for the Twins to host the game in the Church of the Thinking Person’s Game.

Back in the day, football was often played in baseball stadiums. The New England Patriots of my youth played in Fenway Park.

So it wasn’t unusual after the football game, to still the see the football lines when watching a baseball game.

And that might account for the reaction the Twins have gotten to posting the various images of converting a beautiful baseball stadium into a gridiron.

Football is a bully. It’s already taken over as the national pastime, it’s made itself synonymous with America itself, and football lines on a baseball field is saying “your season’s over, it’s our time.” This is desecration of a sacred ground.

September, and — if the Twins don’t blow their lead for a wild card spot — October constitute the last beachhead for baseball’s existence in the national consciousness.

Nobody gets upset when a country music star plays at Target Field, but country music hasn’t stolen baseball’s popularity.

Enjoy the game, football fans. Clean up after yourselves and take those lines with you when you leave.

  • When my Northwestern Wildcats played a game at Wrigley Field in 2010, they could only use one end zone because the other one was too close to the wall and a safety risk to the players.

    • wjc

      Da Bears played in Wrigley Field from 1921 to 1970.

      • Ralphy

        If my memory is correct (no guarantee), one corner of one of the end zones was clipped short by a wall.
        At least on a corner fade route the receiver couldn’t be out of the end zone.

  • Jerry

    Who wouldn’t want to take the chance to ruin a baseball field right before the playoffs in order to create a bad football field? Every player loves being tackled on the hard basepaths, right?

    • MikeB

      If only there was a football stadium downtown

      • Jerry

        I really don’t think the De La Salle field is big enough.

  • Gary F

    Will Target Field will have plenty of alcohol on hand to sell? This yearly event is for alums of both sides to drink like they did in college. Or do they have to get plenty of pre-game in?

    • Rob

      Don’t remind me….I still shudder thinking back to when we hosted Klobuchar and Dayton and we Johnnies immediately lead off the cheering with a classy and original round of “F- St Thomas”…

      Alcohol makes people very stupid

  • Gary F

    And normally, I wouldn’t like it but know if you throw dollars at people, they usually take them. But we may need this field to be in tip top shape for the Cleveland team to come to town.

    • Boy, I hope that’s the scenario.

      • Gary F

        I do to. And then the Dodgers v Twins World Series.

        • wjc

          Is this show called “Fantasy Island?”

        • Barton

          A Cards v Twins WS would be nice, 30 years after the last one.

          Cards’ll need to play better though.

  • RBHolb

    One of the few–perhaps the only–intentionally amusing things George F. Will ever said was that football combines the two worst aspects of American life: violence, and committee meetings.

  • lusophone

    I was excited to see MN United play a game at Target Field last year, but ultimately the viewing experience was not that great. It had a similar layout as the football field.

  • JamieHX

    “Football is a bully.”

    I love that sentence.

  • Keith P.

    A grounds crew’s nightmare…they’ll do everything they can to repair the tears & fill the holes. But if one of our guys blows up an ankle because some spot got missed, it’s on whoever said “yes” to this idea in the first place.

  • Let’s play two!

  • Barton

    did anyone see/find any pictures of the field after the game wave over? I wanted to see what kind of damage (if any) was done to the field.