Trump’s lost another scientist, and this one has a message for Congress

Daniel Kammen isn’t much for subtlety.

In resigning his post as the State Department’s science envoy, Kammen made a little acrostic, apparently giving a one-word instruction for Congress.

Kammen apparently took a cue from the Arts and Humanities Committee, whose members all resigned last week in a letter that had another acrostic: the first letter of each paragraph spelled out the word “resist.”

In Kammen’s letter, his two main points were criticizing the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville and his policy toward science and the environment.

In the past week, Trump has defended his tempered condemnation of white supremacy, and disbanded a climate change panel.

  • NG

    I wonder if there are any public statistics on number and distribution of federal employees over the last 10 months or so. How many? Where are they employed? How has the distribution changed? I’ve been hearing a few stories lately about resignations, dismissals, failure to appoint replacements, and the inability to hire more border guards (resulting in a declining, instead of increasing, number of border patrol agents).

  • Keith P.

    Well played.

  • Molly

    Professor Kammen was my teacher at Cal in my first advanced energy science class. He is an incredible educator and a dedicated researcher. Consistent with his comments here, he has always held himself and his students to a high standard. His impact on and dedication to our country’s sustainable energy position has been admirable. I’m sad to see him leave public service.

  • AL287

    Trump is a nail head that needs a sledge, not a penny nail hammer.

    Trump learned his hateful ways somewhere and that somewhere was at home from his parents. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I sincerely hope that more of Trump’s staff and cabinet demonstrate their patriotism and loyalty to America by abandoning the narcissistic Trump train to disaster.

    The man has shown time and again that he is mentally unhinged.

    Anything done in anger does not turn out well and unfortunately the American electorate is learning that lesson the hard way.

  • Rob

    Yes! I would definitely donate to an initiative to get the Imperial Wizard-in-Chief out of the White Nationalist House. We could call the effort “Dump The Trump.”