Trump adviser comments on mosque bombing by criticizing ‘the left’

Three days after someone bombed the imam’s office at the Bloomington’s Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center with an improvised explosive device, the White House is weighing in.

To some observers, including Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, the bombing was certainly an act of terrorism. Some conservative observers at least called it a hate crime.

The White House had been silent on the bombing. That changed on Tuesday when an adviser to President Trump made it a partisan issue.

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to Trump, was asked in an MSNBC interview why the White House hasn’t commented on the mosque attack.

His answer: Let’s hold off on saying anything, because this could be part of the list of hate crimes that have been “propagated by the left.”

Here are some transcripts from the interview:

The White House isn’t the only one walking on eggshells in describing the attack. Most local media outlets and law enforcement aren’t calling it terrorism at this point, either.

Read MPR News reporter Laura Yuen’s story to see how that affects people targeted by hate.

  • >>Let’s hold off on saying anything, because this could be part of the list of hate crimes that have been “propagated by the left.”<<

    Should it really matter WHO did this? Terrorism is terrorism…

    • BReynolds33

      Ah, yes. But you’re applying a logic that we should care about the victims, and not about what it can do for us politically. Which is not the logic used by politicians.

      (Please note: I agree with you fully.)

    • MikeB

      In our modern political lexicon it’s only terrorism if non-white folk do it. Because the majority culture, snowflakes that we are, does not accept otherwise.

    • TGS Watch

      How do we know it’s terrorism? My understanding is that terrorism requires a political motive. I can think plausible explanations as to why this isn’t terrorism. For example, if a member of the Center’s community didn’t like being held accountable for his personal behavior by the Imam and placed the bomb in the Imam’s office in retaliation, is that terrorism? I’d argue it isn’t.

      • RBHolb

        Terrorism has the motive of causing fear. For example, if someone in the neighborhood wanted to intimidate Muslims into leaving the area because of what he read in a Chick Tract, that would be terrorism but not political.

  • John O.

    But, but…. HER E-MAILS!

  • Gary F

    It sure will be interesting if the bomber doesn’t fit the narrative the political left wants it to be.

    I’ll see what they find out and then comment.

    • Kassie

      Exactly what narrative does the political left want it to be?

      • Gary F

        Someone from the right, someone with connections to Trump or other prominent Republican. I’ll see what happens from the investigation.

        • kevins

          Gary…your biases are showing.

          • Beth-Ann Bloom

            Mine are showing too because I think it is important to protect the freedom of worship for all in this country. Similarly all bombings of places of worship should be condemned strongly by our leaders without respect to committed them!

          • Jack

            The Constitutionalists should be going crazy every time a religion is singled out. It’s an assault on a basic constitutional right – freedom of religion. Or is there a carve-out for non-Christian religions (see references to Judaism and Islam above) that I didn’t see in the old document?

        • I’m generally failing to see how anything would prevent anybody from condemning the attack. It’s still an IED that went off in a place of worship. We don’t need any more information to know a crime was committed so why not acknowledge the crime and declare that it’s unacceptable? Seems easy enough. Maybe even throw in a “thoughts and prayers” reference.

          • Gary F

            Its an attack, and its bad no matter who did it. Bombing is illegal and unethical. But I’m not putting the blame or assuming blame on anyone until until the investigation. Look at all the outcry over the St Olaf incident. I think a lot of people have their minds made up of what type a person did it and their motives.

          • Right, but generally in matters like this, a president’s role isn’t to declare who is or isn’t responsible. It’s to declare certain truths and principles.

            So a statement from the White House recognizing a crime has been committed and redeclaring the right of Muslims — and people of all faiths — to feel safe practicing their religion is –or should be — a slam dunk.

            Sure is a lot easier than doing rhetorical gymnastics to explain why you’ve said nothing at all instead.

          • MikeB

            Can we admit the obvious? Trump could not politicize this bombing so he’s not interested, no statement to make. That’s where we are in this country.

          • >>Right, but generally in matters like this, a president’s role isn’t to declare who is or isn’t responsible. It’s to declare certain truths and principles.<<


            He could just say some like:

            "The perpetrator(s) of this attack were clearly targeting worshipers, and have no respect for human life and dignity. They must be brought to justice for this barbaric and heinous act. We are continuing to gather information regarding this terrible event, and are prepared to offer any necessary assistance in responding to it."

            Generic, non-political and gets the message across that he actually cares.

            Then again, this was a statement taken almost word for word from a certain former unnamed President.

          • Rob

            A scumball did the bombing and deserves the harshest sentence possible for it. My mind is made up on that. Hope that’s not too blame-y or assume-y for ya.

        • jon

          That doesn’t sound like what the left wants, that sounds like what the right (namely the right in the white house) doesn’t want.
          (contrary to popular opinion the opposite of the rights view doesn’t make it the lefts view.)

          It sure would suck for the right if they found out McConnell, Ryan, or Kushner was the one doing the bombing. (not that I think there is any chance of that being the case…)

          But I think what the left wants, is for justice to be served… and the so called “law and order president” seems to be anything but… opting instead to be a partisan hack not caring about the law unless he can wield it as a sword against those who oppose him politically, and favoring ignoring the violence in our streets so long as it’s democrats on the receiving end.

          That’s not my america… and I don’t think it is yours either.
          BUT if we want to turn this into a partisan topic…

          The right should support law and order… they have demonstrated they don’t.
          The right should support freedom to worship, they have demonstrated they don’t.
          The right should support the morality of not killing or attempting to kill fellow humans, they have demonstrated they don’t.

          I don’t know what the right stands for any more…
          I’d ask… but I suspect it’s more that they stand against the left… or at least their perception of the left, because they rarely talk to the left to even get an understanding of what it is the left stands for.

          The right, somehow managed to control congress, and the white house and still remains the opposition party…. opposed to anything they think the other party might support, apparently out of spite.

    • X.A. Smith

      As a member of the political left, here’s what I want the the narrative to be: Nobody bombed anybody. Unfortunately, that’s out the window.

  • Jerry

    Hey, Trump is well known for his ability to keep his opinions to himself and waiting until he has full grasp of a situation before commenting.

    • dumptrump

      I’m afraid we already know what he has a firm grasp of, and it isn’t reality.

      • jon

        I really don’t know what he has a firm grasp of… it isn’t his job, certainly not how to run a business (well maybe how to run it into the ground…) and clearly isn’t the political environment (his approval ratings show that).

        He clearly doesn’t have a firm grasp on the military or how it works, or diplomacy as indicative by his dealing with north korea, and … well every foreign nation…

        No firm grasp on policies, his detailed plan for tax reform is basically a bunch of hand waving and double counting, and his grasp on healthcare is basically what ever the house GOP says it is… (unless it’s mean, in which case he’ll still support it…)
        If he had a firm grasp of anything other than his hatred for obama and hillary (and by extension democrats) he should demonstrate it through actions.

  • Keep in mind, too, that Gorka involved nearly the exact same rationale for the White House silence on anti-Semitic threats too. Again, as if saying people have the right to be free from intimidation in worship no matter the religion is somehow a political endorsement of a cause.

    • slycivilian

      Yup. Feels like it’s relevant to mention that Seb Gorka is literally affiliated with a Nazi party, Vitzi Rend.

  • Erik Hare

    terrorism (noun)

    The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    • RBHolb

      There’s no such thing as religious terrorism?

  • lindblomeagles

    Are we really surprised by this? Again, we’re talking about Donald Trump, the man that stayed quiet through most of the hate crimes that have happened on his watch, including the toppling of grave stones at a St. Louis based Jewish cemetery, the attack on 3 men in Portland, Oregon that were defending two women of color, one Muslim, from harassment, and the noose left outside of Washington D.C.’s African American Museum. C’mon readers. The surprise would be Trump’s quick, forceful condemnation of these attacks, followed by the same kind of action Trump wants to take towards illegal immigrants. This is common fare for Mr. Trump.

  • Jay T. Berken

    Thanks Bin Laden…


    Doesn’t look like bomb went off in that room to me. Looks like someone threw a few pieces of paper on the floor and possibly busted out a window. Calling this one fake news.

    • Jay T. Berken

      Are you an explosives expert?

      • Only as it relates to comments sections, I’d guess.

        • joetron2030

          Let’s call this comment what it is, trolling, and deal with it accordingly.

    • kevins

      So are you saying that you have to be there to believe it? I bet the nice people at the mosque will give you a tour if you ask nicely.

    • Jerry

      On one hand, everybody there at the time and the authorities are calling it a bomb. You, on the the other hand, are saying it wasn’t. Gosh, I don’t know whose opinion to trust.

      • Lee Merrick

        Since the police and FBI say a bomb went off, I am gonna go with the fact it actually happened.

    • Rob

      A truly wicked comment.

  • AmiSchwab

    i thought gorka got fired? but remember he’s just another hungarian nazi.

  • Mark Gruben

    Oh, no….this wasn’t a hate crime. It was done out of pure LOVE.

  • Gary F

    Looks like the anti-2nd Amendment folks had their mind made up on who the bombers are. Then, it went right down the Orwellian Memory Hole.

    • “waves on social media”

      I spent most of my day on social media. Never heard a word about this.

      Never heard of this group.

      There are plenty of knuckleheads out there everywhere.