This is why you take cover in a thunderstorm

The next time you get frustrated because weather prevents your flight from leaving on time, think of this video that was made public today.

It happened on June 22 when Austin Dunn, a 21-year-old airport worker in Fort Myers, was pushing back a Sun Country flight.

Here’s another angle:

He’s spent the last two weeks in the hospital, his father reports on Facebook.

“We knew he wouldn’t give up,” his sister, Autumn, tells a local TV station. “Once we knew he was alive…It was a relief but it was definitely the scariest thing, you don’t expect it … you don’t expect it.”

Workers at the airport are generally told to stay under cover when the facility’s lightning detection system indicates lightning in the area, the Fort Myers News-Press said.

But that doesn’t go for airline workers or, as in Dunn’s case, companies that are hired to provide ground services for airlines.

“That’s the contractor or airline’s authority,” a spokeswoman for the airport authority said. “(Thor Guard) is the system we provide for the good of the airport.”

Sun Country did not respond to a request for information.

  • MrE85

    When I flew back from Indiana recently, our flight waited for the threat of lightning to pass for this very reason. While I wanted to get off the plane, I didn’t want anyone hurt, either.

  • I’ve started using the Weatherbug app on my phone. It alerts me to lightning strikes and warns me to take cover. You can use its “Spark” feature to see a map of lightning strikes. This morning, it shows the closest strike to my location in Woodbury as 41 miles.

    • Jack

      The important thing with the weather apps is to make sure it is providing data based on your current location. We reset WCCO’s when we were travelling (bad weather in the area we were in) and forgot to reset when we got home.

      Couldn’t figure out why it was telling me it was raining when it wasn’t. I finally got smart and changed the location.

      If anyone can tell me how to make it automatically report based on current GPS location, I’d appreciate it.

      • John

        I can’t tell you about that one specifically, but most of them have a little arrow pointing to NE somewhere that tells it to just use your GPS location.

    • Mike Stevens

      WeatherUnderground’s Storm app is good for this too. It also has probability cones for intense cells.

      • John

        I think they all pretty much pull from the same data source, so I just picked the one that had the info I wanted and deleted the rest. Wunderground has become my go-to as well.

      • ec99

        Weather Underground is also good for Alex Wilson’s legs.