This is the story of a stuck skunk

The attempt to rescue a stuck skunk in Massachusetts seems to be a metaphor of some sort for life in 2017.

The skunk got stuck in a hole in the dumpster in Worcester, Mass., yesterday morning. The employees of a company tried to help it, but no luck.

They called the animal control officer. But nothing got the skunk unstuck, the Worcester Telegram reports.

People from a dental office smeared Vasoline on its neck. Nope. Didn’t work.

It would have to be cut out somehow. But the public works employees and the fire department wanted nothing to do with the task without the permission of the dumpster owner, who said “OK.”

But he said the city would have to buy the dumpster. $1,000, please.

The dentist agreed to pay the money. After all, the skunk needed help, and we’re still a species who will drop what we’re doing to help an animal in need, even if it’s a skunk.

In the meantime, the skunk bit a worker from a rodent removal service, so a veterinarian was called in to to administer a skunk sedative.

It worked! The skunk was freed and taken away by the removal company…

… which killed the skunk.

  • Mike Stevens

    I’m going to go read about how 1/3 of people don’t know you can get TV over the air to cheer myself up.

  • Gary F

    Does a skunk release it’s smell when it dies?

    • kevins

      If you do like I did and shoot them with the 20 ga. in the garage…seemed like a good idea at the time but…

    • Rob

      Google that and report back.

      • Gary F

        oooohhhhhhh. Only quick option would be a gun, and thats not recommended in a dumpster. Shop vac hose on the end of a car tailipipe and close the lid to the dumpster? It will be a light lunch today.

        • Rob

          Just a little stinky cheese on crackers? : )

  • kevins

    Last summer I was trying to live trap some pine squirrels near the bird feeders. Forgot and left the trap baited over night. Surprise. I had to gently tie open the mouth of the trap and then poke at the cute little guy with a pitchfork until he exited. Gee was he angry, but he did not spray.

    • MikeB

      My biggest worry on the dog walk is coming across a skunk. Then porcupines. Then bears.

      • Gary F

        Many Point Boy Scout camp, late 70’s… Peeing in the woods then I see a bunch of black things about the size of tennis balls scurrying around. Then I saw momma, and got out of there really fast.

  • Jerry

    There is only one animal native to Minnesota which will make me turn tail and flee as fast as possible and that is the skunk. I’ve had too many close calls.

  • John

    Close skunk encounters . . .

    I was biking through the Kenilworth Corridor a couple years ago, and a skunk crossed really close to me. Like, if my foot had been at the bottom of the pedal stroke instead of the top, I would have kicked it close.

    It sprayed – I’m sure of it. It didn’t get me or my bike, but for the next couple weeks, every time I opened the garage, I’d get just a hint of that distinctive odor.

    I felt a little bad for the joggers I met 100 yards up the trail – they were headed for a bad situation.

  • RBHolb

    This is what happens when a skunk tries to follow a black cat that has an accidental white stripe down its back.

    • theoacme

      He did it for scentimental reasons, of course…

      “…you know, it is possible to be too attractive!”