Aw, nuts! Ceremonial first pitch goes awry

Being a photographer is hard work. Just ask Tony Capobianco, a newspaper photographer, who was out of the line of fire for the ceremonial first pitch at Boston’s Fenway Park last night. Until he wasn’t.

Jordan Leandre, a cancer survivor, was throwing out the first pitch, a notable selection considering the living members of the Red Sox 1967 worst-to-first Impossible Dream season were all candidates. But yesterday was also the annual Jimmy Fund fundraiser, the Red Sox’s official charity to raise money for research and treatment of kids with cancer.

No pressure, kid.

Alas, it did not go well for Jordan. It went worse for Tony.

On the other hand, Tony hung in there and got a really good photo.

  • Barton

    He did get a fabulous shot, before he got it….

  • MikeB

    Related to yesterday’s post, this photo journalist should have intervened a split second before impact.

  • Erik Petersen

    The athletic challenge there… throwing something resembling a strike, from the mound…. is difficult to the point that we ought to be surprised when any layman does it successfully. Usually you get one of these ceremonial first pitches and they set them up half way.

    • I threw out first pitch at a Saints game once. I had very sore shoulder but was able to get it over the plate. Maybe not a strike; but perhaps enough to entire a batter to go fishing for it. Sadly, there were no pictures.

      At the same time, Erik Paulsen threw one out. Mine was better.

      And so did Al Franken, who brought his aide and two gloves with him so that he could warm up for 10 minutes or so before doing so.

      A lot of pressure there.

  • Jerry

    Sometimes self preservation is secondary to getting a perfect shot I guess.

  • Gary F

    Two testicular posts in one week.

    • Erik Petersen

      You know, we give all this historical sympathy to Achilles for getting shot in the heel with an arrow. We never think about his brother Testichilles, who….

  • DavidG

    I thought he was supposed to throw it at the mascot?

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I believe the only appropriate caption for the photo is: