And now this moment of human achievement

Every Monday should start with a SpaceX launch and main booster return to earth.

We do some pretty cool things on this planet and today’s launch and recovery puts SpaceX near the top of the list.

Today’s launch featured clear video from lift-off to touchdown. It’s astounding.

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  • Dan

    I was going to skip this one, the fact that landing rockets has become anything even approaching “routine” is itself pretty amazing. But this line got me to watch, and I’m glad I did: “Today’s launch featured clear video from lift-off to touchdown. It’s astounding.” Astounding indeed, thanks for sharing.

    • While watching this I couldn’t help but think of Walter Cronkite holding up plastic models to describe what was happening.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        In my house I remember watching NBC. I’m sure there was someone responsible for handling models there too. It might have be Edwin Newman.

        • I remember all those space broadcast teams like it was yesterday.

          NBC: Huntley, Brinkley, and Frank McGee (sponsored by Gulf)

          CBS: Cronkite and Wally Schirra

          ABC: Peter Jennings and Jules Bergman

          • Jack Ungerleider

            What I didn’t realize about Gemini 10 was that its 2 man crew would play two distinct but major roles in the future of NASA and manned space flight. Michael Collins was the Command Module pilot on Apollo 11. John Young some 15 years later would be the commander of the first Space Shuttle Mission. In between Young flew to the moon twice getting a chance to walk on the moon in the second to last lunar mission, Apollo 16. (Thanks to wikipedia for that last tidbit.8^)

  • jon

    Are they still launching Falcon 9’s from 39A?

    Shouldn’t they have 40 repaired by now?

    I just want an announcement for when the Falcon heavy is going to be launching…
    I want to see a launch in person at some point and that one seems like it’s going to be one worth watching (2 land simultaneous first stage boosters returns.)

    • Dan

      Or, alternatively, a giant explosion. So, worth it either way.

      • jon

        Two boosters! If we are lucky we can get one of each.

        Heck there is a chance (slim chance) that the center core could blow after the side boosters seperate, and you could get two boosters landing and a massive explosion….

        Not something I’d want to miss.

        • alt blank

          not something i’d want, period.

        • Dan

          Elon Musk did, just a few weeks ago, announce that the first Falcon Heavy launch would be this November. It probably didn’t get a lot of press because he’s been periodically announcing Falcon Heavy launch dates since 2012 or so.

    • fromthesidelines21
    • Tyler

      Falcon Heavy is scheduled for “q4 2017.” The first (re)launch at SLC-40 is tentative for Sept 27. Elon has mentioned ~60 days for pad upgrades & fitting to prep 39A for Falcon Heavy.

  • jon

    8th time this year (2017) they’ve landed a booster… 11 flights, 8 successful landings and 3 times they intentionally ditched the booster in the atlantic because there wasn’t enough fuel to attempt a landing.

    If you watch their ITS animation they plan on landing them back on the launch pad and firing them off again within 24 hours (well… not the falcons, the bigger rockets they are looking to build…)

  • Jack

    That is so cool! We took the launch pad tour in January so this is even more meaningful now.

    Yes, Cronkite would be jealous.