A look inside white supremacists’ secret chat room

Planners for the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville that became deadly earlier this month were as racist and violent as you might expect from neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the like.

Unicorn Riot, which describes itself as “a volunteer-operated decentralized media collective,” lets us peer inside the extreme-right’s corners of the internet thanks to a trove of documents it has leaked.

These hate groups’ platform of choice was Discord, a messaging app designed for video gamers. In their messages, “Unite the Right” organizers have benign discussions on topics like toilet facilities or clean-up after the rally.

There’s also an obsession with guns and militia-styled self-defense.

As Unicorn Riot writes, some involved “seemed to relish the potential of using deadly force to defend their vehicles against perceived threats by counter-demonstrators.”

They wanted to keep rallying after Heather Heyer was killed, too.

It gets more violent and racist, but I’ll leave reading that to your discretion.

Discord has since condemned these groups and booted them from the site.

The latest document dump from Unicorn Riot, a set of over 400 screenshots, came Tuesday.

(If you want to learn more on Unicorn Riot, read the profile I wrote last year.)

  • Gary F

    Seeing you are an unbiased journalist, will there be in depth reporting on the ANTIFA?

    • Chris

      “but what about! but what about!….is the standard response to unpleasant facts about a significant base of the republican president’s support.

    • You already know that there is no organized group called “Antifa”, just stop it with your willful ignorance already, you’re smarter than that.

      • Gary F
        • Al

          Not a valid or reliable news source. Try again.

      • Kyle Clauson

        You may not realize it but the klan used to deny its existence. Its why they called themselves “the invisible empire”.

        Antifa doesnt play this game. There are chapters in many cities that have facebook pages. They have a flag (anarchist), they are quite proud of themselves and their work.

        Your denials are probably appreciated, but unnecessary.

        • Barton

          Anarchists are completely different from Anti-fascists. They have different goals and different methods of action.

          • Kyle Clauson

            In the present year, violent leftists calling themselves “antifa” assault preople, commit arson and destroy property under the black and red anarchist flag.


            I don’t make the rules, just calling balls and strikes.

          • Kyle Clauson

            Oh, and by the way. It seems you might need to read up on the Spanish civil war for a bit of perspective on the relationship between anarchists and anti-fascists (spoiler: one and the same).

            Searching for “Buenaventura Durruti” is a good starting place.

        • There are antifa groups around the world, but antifa is not itself an interconnected organization, any more than an ideology like socialism or a tactic like the picket line is a specific group. Antifa are autonomous anti-racist groups that monitor and track the activities of local neo-Nazis. They expose them to their neighbors and employers, they conduct public education campaigns, they support migrants and refugees and they pressure venues to cancel white power events.


    • Al

      Sweet Jesus, Gary, this is NEWS. You can’t make stuff up about fringe groups just to appear “balanced” to a segment of the populace that wants their views validated.

    • jon

      Ladies and gentlemen the party of “personal responsibility” brings you the “BUT WHAT ABOUT EVERYBODY ELSE!!!?!?!??!?!?” show!

      Because if there are nazis marching in the streets- LOOK OVER THERE! it’s some one else! Doing something else, anything else, I don’t care what!
      If there are conservatives are using the techniques of terrorists (driving cars into people)- Look over there! it’s something different, anything different at all!
      If there are government officials violating ethics rules or breaking laws, committing perjury! Hey everybody, remember hillary’s emails!
      “Grab them by the pussy!” uh… Bill clinton used to be a womanizer!
      “Many sides!” – the media is the devil!

      Conservative values: a race to the bottom, because if some one else did something, anything at all, then clearly we are justified to become nazis and chant about killing the jews.

    • kennedy

      First, this is a blog not a news site. Second, it seems you are finding lots of other places to read the stories you want.

      And back to the original topic of the post, your request for balance seems to echo the “both sides” theme. It’s a childish argument to defend hate and violence by blaming it on someone else.

  • Gary F
    • Al

      This isn’t a report on antifa. This is a report on what someone says about antifa. Try again.

      • Al

        (And not a very reliable someone, to boot.)

  • Gary F
    • Al

      Slate is ALSO neither a reliable nor a valid news source. Try again.

      • KTN

        I beg to differ on Slate. Both Mark David Stern and Dahlia Lithwick are top notch legal writers, you should check them out if your interested in the Court at all. They write on pressing legal issues of the day, and while not headline news, it is news nonetheless.

    • Chris

      Both sides-ism doesn’t really work when one side is nazis and the other side is against nazis. Not sure what you think your point is. Organizing against nazis is good.

    • You need to visit a Holocaust Museum friend. It will help you understand the difference between some violent thugs and Nazis.

    • Ralphy

      Do you fish?
      The first lesson in trolling is to know your depth.
      The second lesson is to stay out of the weeds.

  • The GOP is going out it’s way to tell us that many of those people hanging out with the Nazis are just ordinary Republicans. I think it’s time we start believing them. No matter what I was protesting, if a bunch of swastikas start showing up, I’m now protesting that. That didn’t happen here, because regardless of what Paul Ryan or Mitch Connel say, the Nazis and White Supremacist have deep roots in the GOP.

  • Kyle Clauson

    In the linked story, a Unicorn Riot “journalist” is seen doing an interview with his face mask hanging around his neck.

    Just in case he needs to jump in to the action, I guess.

    Priceless stuff, right there.

    • Dan

      They did good work in the blog post above. I appreciate efforts that are opposed to the normalization of racism, fascism, etc., even if I don’t agree with those making that effort about everything else. I’m not a communist, nor an anarchist, but I don’t hesitate to say that I’m anti-fascist.

      • Kyle Clauson

        I seriously doubt many “antifascists” could give an accurate definition of what Fascism is. It seems like anyone that disagrees with them is a Fascist…it don’t work like that.

        What we have, are a bunch of over educated young people without jobs or direction, looking for something to join, to call their own.

        They prattle on about things they have no clue about, and destroy the campuses they were indictrinated in and burn low income neighborhoods the people they claim to support live in.

        It’s nuts.

        • Dan

          The definition of fascism isn’t so nebulous, the groups “antifa” fought and protested in Charlottesville — mentioned in the story we’re commenting on — I guess they got lucky? Or the overt endorsement of fascist symbols and ideals is too weak of evidence?

          • Kyle Clauson

            “The groups antifa fought in Charlottesville” doesn’t ring a bell in any definition of Fascism I’ve ever read.

            The Swastika is not a Fascist symbol, BTW. National Socialism shared the Fascist belief that a dictatorship was preferrable to liberal Democracy, but their social and economic theories were not at all comparible. Spanish Fascists spouted Nazi rhetoric mostly as a way to ensure German support of Franco; their evolution into an autocratic regime that saw huge economic growth after the war proves that out. Italian Fascism had more in common with Communism than National Socialism, in fact.

            It’s as I say; most people don’t know anything about the terms they are tossing around out there. Thanks to our destroyed public school system, kids are not taught why Nazis, Communists, Anarchists and Fascists are bad because they are too busy pushing a lefty agenda to bother with the details of history.

          • Dan

            No true fascist fallacy? All part of the Nazi leftist agenda?

          • “It’s as I say …”

            Maybe not Fascism; but definitely Authoritarian. 😉

          • Kyle Clauson

            That works!