Woman threatens Somalis in Fargo parking lot

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Can’t we all just get along?


The Fargo Forum reports a woman from Mapleton, N.D., was videotaped telling three Somali women to “go home” and that she would kill them.

“We’re gonna kill all of ya. We’re gonna kill every one of ya,” the woman says.

What’s the problem? They parked their car too close to hers.

“I wanted everyone to see what happens to us every day,” Sarah Hassan, 21, said. “I was so scared.”

The women shared their concerns and the video with Hukun Dabar, executive director of Afro American Development Association, a Moorhead nonprofit. Dabar then shared the video on Facebook

Within two hours of posting the video Tuesday night, it was shared more than 530 times.

“What makes me sad is you don’t see any leaders from Fargo confronting this issue and saying it’s not acceptable in our community,” he said. “They need to speak about this issue and have it be at the forefront.”

Fargo-Moorhead is supposed to be a “welcoming city,” Dabar said, but “when they don’t talk about this issue it shows something else.”

Dabar also called out the inaction of bystanders at Walmart who didn’t defend the women or say anything to Hensley. He tied this incident to a recent case of discrimination in Moorhead.

Amber Elizabeth Hensley says there’s more to the story.

“It was not a Christian like thing to do AT ALL and wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can’t. I am terribly sorry,” Hensley wrote on Facebook. “I just wish that the whole video could be shown. And the things that were stated before she starts taping. She had parked way too close to my car and I couldn’t get in, when I asked her to move she refused, I asked her again and she swore at me calling me a fat b-tch.”

“But there are absolutely no excuses. I am in tears with regret and will take any form of punishment deemed fit.”

Critics on Facebook have posted her home address. That’s not a response that is any more appropriate than the original transgression.

  • >>She had parked way too close to my car and I couldn’t get in, when I asked her to move she refused, I asked her again and she swore at me calling me a fat b-tch.<<

    I'll take "I made up this story to try to excuse my abhorrent behavior" for $600, Alex.

    • jon

      The video makes it clear that they are parked pretty close to the car.

      I don’t think the story is made up per say, I think it probably was the trigger that unleashed her behavior.
      That being said, once the racists comments start you know there was something pent up waiting to be unleashed…

      Of course any one who has seen any road rage videos on youtube knows that road rage is a thing, and people can be terrible at controlling themselves in a heated arguement… once the adrenaline starts flowing people start acting crazy…

    • Realyabish

      Exactly she know she’s lying otherwise we would still hear her arguing about that

  • Jerry

    Can people stop with the self-righteous doxxing? It seems to be the go-to response now.

    • JMe2

      Right after the self-righteous bigots stop with their spewing of hatred. Until then, if you do it in public, we will record it and send it to everyone.

      • Jerry

        I have no problem with the recording, it’s the sending out the home addresses that bothers me. She sounds awful, but people sending her death threats and showing up at her door is not the correct response.

  • MikeB

    I saw this term on Twitter – CHINOs – Christians In Name Only. Gonna start using it when seeing examples like this.

    • JMe2

      We just call them Republicans.

      • Bridget L.

        I’m keeping my vote for your comment but I want to amend it by saying while I understand this is, hopefully, said in a “ha ha” manner, I am chagrined with myself for the immediate agreement. It’s stories such as this that make for some inner reflection because I hope that this isn’t me some day, for whatever reason, and it could be me getting on video spewing in anger at a CHINO.

  • kennedy

    When reading stories about conflict, it usually helps me get some perspective if I consider the story with the roles reversed. Imagine the reaction if a Somali immigrant was recorded telling a white Fargo native “We’re gonna kill every one of ya.” Yikes.

    • TGB

      But Muslims never say that!

  • JMR

    What happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”? I guess the people who are at the center of incidents like these skipped over that lesson in grade school.

  • AL287

    Social media is ripping our country apart and I am afraid there is no way to put the genie back into the bottle.

    At least the woman apologized which is a hopeful sign.

    Americans are under a lot of duress these days and while the current bickering in Congress doesn’t help matters any, the anxiety has been building like a volcanic eruption ever since the Great Recession.

    Put a man in the White House with few moral scruples, low self esteem and an addiction to Twitter and the mountain is surely going to blow. It’s going to be a long time before the eruption is over if it ever does truly end.

    Unfortunately it is the American people that will have to deal with the fallout once the eruption is over, not the current crop of legislators who will leave with their golden retirement parachutes and their cadillac health plan.

    Nearly all the past presidents of this century and the last have reassured the public that things are going to be okay and have acted as a safety valve for the nation’s anxiety. They didn’t do it by publicly humiliating the people they appointed to assist them in running the country (Insert Jeff Sessions here) because they disagree with the President’s agenda.

    I nearly ended a 12 year friendship because I let my personal problems and political differences get in the way of common sense. We’re back on speaking terms but just barely.

    Mind your manners, folks and as it says in the Bible, turn the other cheek.

    • crystals

      How is social media ripping our country apart? Social media didn’t tell these people that “we” were going to kill all of them. Social media didn’t allegedly call one of them a fat bitch. Social media is showing us that these things happen. They happened before social media, too. It’s perhaps just a little bit more in our face now – for good and for bad.

      • DavidG

        Maybe that’s how it’s tearing us apart: By showing this to us, some people can no longer go about their lives blissfully ignorant (or at least pretending) that this stuff happens daily.

      • AL287

        When a major news website like MSN eliminates its comments section you know there is a major problem with public discourse. I applaud them for practicing some reasonable censorship.

        If Facebook, Instagram and Twitter didn’t exist, the video could not have been posted and we would all be a much happier bunch.

        What you don’t know you can’t fret about or get outraged over.

        I don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and I am much more in control of my life and my privacy stays relatively intact.

        As a healthcare professional, I rely on Internet sources to keep my knowledge up-to-date and those are the pages I access 99% of the time. The other 1% is to make online purchases and to satisfy my curiosity about what is happening in the rest of the country and for the last 18 months it has been pretty disappointing.

        I prefer things at a reasonable distance, not directly in my face, 24/7 around the clock.


        • crystals

          Well, “we” might be happier – but what about the people who have been targeted for years and are finally being seen by the rest of us?

          I understand your stance and at times unplug myself…but when I do, I realize it’s an extraordinary form of privilege to go back into my bubble where I don’t have to be bothered with such unpleasantness.

        • J-dawg

          Wow, what a cowardly way to live. Preferring that everyone remain blissfully ignorant of problems other face from society.

  • Karl Crabkiller

    I recommend avoiding Walmart parking lots. A quick google search of recent news –
    MOUNT DORA, Fla. – Two people were found shot in a Mount Dora Walmart parking lot

    Lomgmont Colo. – Mike Doody was asleep in his RV in the Walmart parking lot when he heard three gunshots just before 3am. ‘I heard some yelling

    GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A man suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen during a dispute in the parking lot of Walmart early Tuesday morning,

    Laredo Morning Times-Jul 24, 2017
    7, 2014, when police responded to an assault report in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, 4401 U.S. 83 South. A caller told police that a man and a

    Sioux Falls Argus Leader-Jul 7, 2017
    Sioux Falls police say a dead body found in a car in a Walmart parking lot Friday night doesn’t appear to be connected to anything suspicious.

    Patch.com-Jul 20, 2017
    MILFORD, CT — Police say a West Haven man is accused of assaulting a woman in the Walmart parking lot in Milford.

    First Coast News-Jul 10, 2017
    According to police, 19-year-old Hassana Finklea was shot walking through the Walmart parking lot on Beach Blvd at around 10 p.m. Sunday

  • JMe2

    The few incidents that get recorded and shamed around the internet are just the tip of the ice berg – there are many more that no one finds out about. The day of anonymously harassing people is over — if you want to be bigot and get in people’s face in a public venue: prepare to have everyone you know and your employer find out.

    We are done with sitting back and letting bigoted people trash everyone else, with no consequences. The best part is every time you google these ignorant and rude people’s names, their actions will be documented there. Either evolve and enter the 21st century or embrace your bigotry. You can’t have it both ways – being nasty and vulgar and being anonymous was a thing of the last century.

  • lindblomeagles

    This story reveals two things: First, as we’ve seen already in Duluth, Delano, and Saint Cloud, Minnesota IS NOT nice and racism is prevalent here just like it is everywhere. Next, a lot of racists lose their cool which leads to the racist statement they are making. But losing one’s cool isn’t the problem. DENIAL IS! And that’s far more common than somebody losing their cool. This woman waxes nostalgic about “Christian thing to do,” and the video “doesn’t show all,” and she was “fat shamed” — all three of these descriptors hide the fact FROM HERSELF that she’s been a racist most of her life. If people would say, “maybe I am a little racist” instead of saying “I’m not racist, or I have a different point of view, or this is just more political correctness crap,” we might start to work with one another instead of staying separated from each other.

    • TGB

      Is Islam a race?

  • Guest

    Ghandi was once asked by a Buddhist who had killed a Muslim what he could do to make amends. His answer was find a homeless Muslim boy and raise him as a righteous Muslim. That would open the Buddhist’s understanding of the faith he thought was worth killing.

  • Guest

    Being very drunk or very angry……DOES the truth come out?????

  • You can never go wrong with a polite request rather than a confrontational attitude.

  • JamieHX

    Bob, you allow the disgusting, hateful comments I see here today but you won’t allow “Wow, indeed” (with an explanation)?

    • I just got home and logged in and cleaning up the comments. So I’ll handle the moderation, OK?

  • sundshine

    Why did the Muslim women not move the car when Amber Hensley asked them to? She could not get into her car. Their vehicle was obstructing her. The Somali women made fun of Amber by calling her a “fat b-tch. (They said this is a Fargo WDAY interview). Have these Somali women NO manners? They should have moved the car, apologized for parking too close. Deal done. It appears they started the confrontation; don’t know how to park a car; and are not respectful of other drivers. SO, they start a fight; Amber said something she shouldn’t have, and she apologized. It appears that Amber was fed up and lost her cool. It also appears that three Somali women were cruising for a confrontation.

    • Who said they were Muslim?

      • jon

        I was also confused why there were so many comments about muslim and islam when the only thing in the blog says is somali…

        But the fargo forum article linked did say muslim at the time I got here yesterday, so I assumed everyone else was clicking into the linked articles for a change.

        • SoP

          Well Hensley said “We are going to kill all of you we are going to kill every one of you f$&king Muslims.”

          That would be why Muslim is being discussed.

          There is no justification for Hensleys words. She started by mocking the drivers crossed eyes provoking the confrontation .

        • Right, It’s illustrative that rather that identify them as Somali, they identify them by religion. It’s not a question about what the unhinged woman said. It’s a question of what people who comment reveal by identifying someone by a particular religion.

      • sundshine

        They said they were Muslim when interviewed on tape in Fargo television news reports. They talk about their religion, Islam.

        • And they probably are. I’m just curious about why people refer to them by their religion. The woman is referred to as a white woman, She’s obviously a Christian but you rarely hear that used as an identifier on first reference.

          • sundshine

            Ok, I’m understanding you now . . . . I’ve heard the news reports –live interviews with the women in which they identified as Muslim and they identified Amber as Christian, but yes, I hear you about people not making the “Christian” distinction, especially if they haven’t heard the live interviews. Got it.

          • I’m just noodling here… I guess the people who are identified by their religion are the people who don’t have the mainstream religion. I guess I can see people on the street being referred to as the Amish guy… or the Jew (if Hassidic, perhaps), or the Muslim… because of some identifying clothing or characteristic.

            But…. it seems this is symptomatic of the underlying tensions we have today in that we try to define or describe a person by what makes them different.

            We could, for example, identify them by the “three women in the car” or the Amish guy as the, “man in the buggy” or any number of other ways, but we generally don’t do that.

            Maybe we should.

          • sundshine

            I’m not sure we ALL usually define people by what makes them different. I don’t usually do that routinely. That said, our human biology is such that we do seem to prefer our own “tribes” and are less afraid of those who look like us, etc. There is comfort in similarity and discomfort is dissimilarity according to some social anthropologists. I’ve read many studies that suggest this wariness of the “other” is actually a biological trait. SO, we have a lot to overcome in trying to be open to all others, no matter their physical characteristics, religion, etc. etc. When the three women were wearing Muslim clothing, that tipped me off to their Muslim identity along with their saying they were Muslim. I do know from my experiences in France that the Muslims moving into France identify and harass Jewish people, even little Muslim children in schools call out “dirty Jews” in the classroom. This is such a problem, that many Jewish families fear for their children in French public schools. Many Jewish children have to be withdrawn from French schools for protection, I don’t see “white” French people harassing Muslims in France. In Fargo, some Muslim children from certain Muslim countries will not sit by Muslims from countries other then their own. And they fight on the school busses and are quite violent toward each other. I believe it’s groups from Africa fighting groups from the Middle East. It’s all very complicated.

    • J-dawg

      Why is it so important to you to defend the white woman spewing hate? The only evidence we have of the incident shows that she was not in control of herself at the time, why do you assume her attempts to justify her behavior are accurate?

      • sundshine

        I certainly do not defend Hensley’s frightening statement about killing Muslims. That of course is being done by Muslims all over the world, killing and threats of killing, but in America, we are right to not condone even threatening such a thing. That said, there is more to the story from what I’ve seen on television news reports coming from Fargo. The Somali women started taping in media res, so I just want to know the rest of the story, and I’m guessing, as is often the case, there are two sides. The Somali women did call Hensley a “fat b8tch” and admitted to it. Was that before or after the cross-eyed statement? That said, again, nothing justifies the statements about killing Muslims. That needs to be left to the Islamic terrorists who, as you know, have killed hundreds of thousands across the globe. Raped, beheaded, drowned in cages, including the beautiful older man, the keeper of Palmyra antiquities, who they beheaded and hanged from a street light, his severed head below the body with his spectacles still on. This type of violence is why the Somalian women are in Fargo where usually peace reigns. Of course, in St. Cloud the young Muslim knifed several people in the shopping mall, so we have Muslim violence toward whites in America. Lots of it, shootings, stabbings, etc. I’m so thankful that in America, hatred toward Muslims, usually, only involves words. Praise Allah.

        • Jerry

          How is your statement in any way relevant to the situation at hand?

          • We do need to bring it back to the story but, on the other hand, it does reveal that the underlying issue that drives the country is the “all Muslims are terrorists” mentality.

            The problem is when you have these incidents, it takes awhile to peel away all the layers until you get to the reality of what’s driving the incident and the discussion of the incident.

            The problem is there’s no productive and intelligent discussion to be had once you declare that Isis and three kids in a parking lot in Fargo are essentially one in the same.

            There’s just nowhere to go with that.

            But it’s driving everything right now.

            In many ways, it’s as if entire sections of the country have never been integrated and are struggling with the same attitudes now that other areas dealt with 50 years ago. You have wide swaths of geography with people who have never known a Muslim, never talked to one, but have it all figured out who they are and what they’re like, and they’ve got Google to prove it.

            The woman in the Fargo parking lot didn’t just develop the attitudes when someone parked too close. She already had it, she just gave voice to it when she lost control of her better self. Just as the comments section here has.

            It’s a painful process to watch, for sure. But it shouldn’t be mistaken for an intelligent and informed one.

          • Jerry

            Who think they know what’s in the Quran better than Moslems do, yet are completely ignorant of the darker chapters of the bible?

            The day Donald Trump gave his speech at the airport about the troubles Minnesota was having with Somalis, I was shopping in Cedar-Riverside. I saw people going about their business, living their lives. I did not see a group of potential terrorists. And yet, people who whose only experience with the area is to make snide comments while driving past to go to Vikings games cheered and agreed with him.

          • sundshine

            No one equated the three women with ISIS. But one question that needs addressed, is why is there a fear of Muslims? Well, look around the world—99% of Muslims are not terrorists, but 99% of terrorists at this juncture in history are Muslims. So, when a white woman from Mapleton builds up some resentment and let’s the words fly, for her, it might come from fear of the other, or fear because most terrorists today are Muslim; or a basic lacking understand of the meaning of being a humanist; or plain racism that she learned from her parents; or a complete lack of perspective. No matter of course, the words she spoke were threatening and hateful—she apologized, and someone in Fargo just told me the women met and hugged each other. Wonderful news!!!

          • Jerry

            “No one equated the three women with ISIS”

            Well, no one except you

          • sundshine
          • sundshine

            Read for yourself. If you can’t understand the simple message, I can’t reduce it further for you.

    • SoP

      You do realise that Hensley started out by mocking the drivers crossed eyes? Hensley then leaned in and said “We are going to kill all of you we are going to kill every one of you f$&king Muslims.”

      There is no justification for that. It doesn’t matter if the other ladies had started mocking her before she made fun of the drivers eyes. You can not justify a wrong by pointing to someone else’s actions. We are the only one responsible for the words that come out of our mouths, and there can be no excuse for death threats against an group of people.

      Hensley’s words showed her to be a hate filled lackwit who can not even control herself. That has already cost her her job and may very well cost her her CPA accreditation from the AICPA.

  • uhyep

    “I lost my cool” = “I forgot to filter myself.”

    She didn’t lose what’s in her heart, she just gave voice to it.


    • gus

      Unfortunately in “trump amerika” being unfiltered, letting out the hate, has become acceptable. I’m surprised she apologised.

      • Jay T. Berken

        This is an example of Trump(ish) rhetoric colliding with the real world. I have not read comments, but I’d be surprised that people don’t bring up we are living in a PC culture that Ms. Hensley can’t express herself.

        • // a PC culture

          What’s the opposite of “PC Culture”?

          • Joe

            MPR should know Mapleton is just finishing a case involving the rape of a gas station clerk by a Muslim man. It is a very public case in the Fargo area and if the women is from Mapleton (location of the rape) I would guess part of her hostility is partially from the rape case. Still inexcusable behavior but being in Fargo post incident you can feel some uneasiness.


          • An uneasiness against people of a certain religion from Somalia because a rapist originally from Kenya observed the same religion?

          • Joe

            Yes absolutely. Also Kenya and Somalia are bordering nations in East Africa so geography is effectively irrelevant in this context. The real issue is exposure to religion, Mapleton has zero legacy exposure then the first news worthy event is a horrific rape. If you wanted to build animosity in a small town this an effective method. Again this is the wrong attitude but to think it doesn’t have a material effect on people is short sighted. Just trying to provide context from the ground.

          • Sounds like Mapleton has a problem.

          • Joe

            I wouldn’t typecast the whole town, but most places have a few bad eggs. Significantly smaller scale but its not dissimilar to the jerks Muslim bashing in Boston after the marathon bombing. Fear and stereotyping caused from a negative event. And trust me local context is critical, they have never seen anything remotely close to this.

          • sundshine

            Sounds like the nature of your understanding might have a problem.

          • Perhaps. I acknowledge that I think having so much fear against people of an entire religion because a person who observes the same religion raped someone in your town in 2015 is not a rational nor logical approach to relating to one another is out of step with the mainstream in 2017.

            I’m at a loss to think of a time when that sort of reaction ended well for anyone.

            I think there’s a better approach.


          • sundshine

            Do you read the news? The New York Times, London Times, Syrian news, Swedish newspapers. Rapes, beheadings, drowning in cages, etc. What’s there to not understand about people who are uneasy about crimes committed by Muslims? The Somali women are uneasy about their encounter with the white woman, right? That’s not hard to understand, but it’s hard to understand why a Muslim rapist in the Fargo area stirs fear and passions? I’m not saying Hensley was affected by that rape, but your logic here seems a little “off” to me.

          • You’re absolutely right. It’s not hard for me to understand the difference between feeling “uneasy” about a woman yelling at them telling them they’re going to be murdered and should be deported for parking too close to her and giving the woman a pass for yelling at them because a guy raped a clerk.

            I’m aware of the white supremacist movement and the horrible people who are out there who kill in its name but the day after the Oklahoma City bombing, I got along just fine with white people.

            I know that a person with a different political view slaughtered a little girl and killed a federal judge while shooting a congresswoman in Arizona, but that didn’t make me fearful of people who are white Republicans.

            I’ll admit, however, that these yahoos scare me a little bit, but. even so, I’m probably not going to hide behind that as a license to go off on people in the Cabela’s parking lot on the way home today.

            I’m “off” like that, though.


          • sundshine

            No one gave the woman a pass because of the Mapleton rape. I don’t see anyone saying that. And yes, White supremacist are scary, ISIS is scary, Boko Haram is scary, Hillary Clinton is scary, too, with what they call the body count!!

          • sundshine

            Free thinking; individual thinking; critical thinking; nearly lost in contemporary America on both sides of the aisle.

          • Jay T. Berken

            Another question, when and where this anti-PC culture started? Why is it primarily on the conservative side? As much as conservative think the “PC culture” is a liberal thing, if language around Christian religion and U.S. patriotism is brought up, conservatives go ballistic (their PC). Look at the blow back of Colin Kaepernick.

      • sundshine

        That is so true. In the Trump era conservatives have been screamed at, assaulted, shot, and demeaned. That is a common occurrence. You are so correct, Liberals letting their hate out (RAPE MELANIA posters paraded around Trump tower) is the norm for them. Screaming, rioting, laming people with iron bars like Antifa does, common common common. So much awful hatred from the Left to the Right. I see your point.

  • Bridget L.

    Then I would passive aggressively stare at them to let them know how much this is a pain in my ass to do. After that I would mumble under my breath at her while in the store and then regale to all my friends the rest of the day the audacity of this woman to ask me to move. All hail true Minnesotans.

  • Deedee Depp

    The white lady shoulda been video-taping how close their car was if that’s her defense. The Muslim ladies shoulda moved their car, but they got their phone out and argued with her instead. but, guess it doesn’t matter, none of them were very nice to each other, so they’re probablly ALL lying

  • SoP

    That isn’t an excuse for criminal behavior such as terroristic death threats

  • SoP

    Why should she? She didn’t commit a crime and threaten someone’s life. The two things are not equal.

    Apparently Hensley asked her to move her car, and then when she saw the driver was cross eyed said that that must be why she didn’t do a good job parking to which the lady called replied and called her a fat B. Hensley however is the one who said that not only was she going to kill her- but all the people Somalislike her.

    Hensley ” We are going to kill all of you we are going to kill every one of you f$&king Muslims.”

    That is not only a death threat that is a terroristic death threat against an entire community of people that was motivated by hate for a religion. I’m sure the same said the same to Jewish people in Germany in the 40’s.
    There is absolutely no excuse for Hensley’s behavior.

  • SoP

    To people trying to justify Hensleys behavior please stop.

    Hensley leaned in and said “We are going to kill all of you we are going to kill every one of you f$&king Muslims.”

    There is no justification for that. She made fun of the driver being cross eyed to which the driver called her a name, but that in no way justifies what Hensley said. You do not justify your behavior by pointing out somebody elses.

    You are responsible for your actions and words regardless of how others behave. Death threats are not acceptable, or legal, behavior. Threatening every practitioner of a religion is not acceptable.

    From what Hensley showed she is a hate filled bigot who should be shamed, and she may very well face repercussions from the AICPA given that her words constitute a death threat.

  • SoP

    After Hensley mocked the drivers crossed eyes, prompting the fat B comment Hensley then leaned in and said “We are going to kill all of you we are going to kill every one of you f$&king Muslims.”

    Hensley had no excuse for that. It wouldn’t matter if the women were flicking her off, calling her names, and making faces at her. That is no excuse for what Henley said. Normal people do not threaten death do an entire religion because of a parking lot confrontation. I should know, I’m disabled and will confront people who illegally park in handicap spaces. I am a white lady but I have somehow managed never to disparage an entire religion or race in all my discussions, even that sometimes very argumentative ones at that.

  • sundshine

    The women reconciled, hugged, and made up thanks to Fargo Police Chief David Todd and the women’s willingness to embrace and forgive–now how about the rest of us do that, too?


    • A nice gesture in the community would be a GoFundMe to help the girl get the surgery on her eye.

      • sundshine

        I thought the same thing. I personally don’t know how to set up a GoFundMe page. I wonder if the owners of the High Plains Reader who reported on this would be willing. I will offer your suggestion.

      • sundshine

        I did call the High Plains Reader and asked that they start a GoFundMe page. I haven’t heard back yet, but will keep you posted. Meanwhile, the women met again, and the Somalian sister is trying to help Amber get her job back. What a story of forgiveness and grace. I’m loving this. I hope we can get the funds for the surgery!

      • sundshine

        GO FUND ME: Aug. 3, 2017

        Fargo, N.D. — Multiple groups in the metro launched a campaign to help victims of racial violence.

        The North Dakota Human Rights Coalition, Afro-American Development Association and High Plains Fair Housing are the groups behind the initiative.

        They say all the money raised will go toward the victims and any legal or medical expenses they have right now, or may have in the future as a result of the violence they’ve endured.

        To learn more about the campaign, click here.

      • sundshine

        The Go Fund Me request is “general” and not specific to what we talked about–the eye surgery– but I’m pleased High Plains Reader is part of this. Maybe the call we made at your suggestion helped to push this forward!!