When the world needs a good dog

This seems like a day that should start with a dog story.

This is Storm. Storm is a good dog, or, as his owner, Mark Freeley, says, “the world’s best dog.” No pressure, Storm.

Storm is not a particularly adroit retriever, according to his owner. He won’t even fetch a tennis ball.

He’s just a late bloomer.

Storm and his human were walking along the Long Island Sound in Port Jefferson, NY, over the weekend when they saw a fawn drowning.

This morning, Storm got a ride in a limo on the way to Fox & Friends.

Storm has become a TV star around the world.

Because the world needs its good dogs.

  • Okay, cat people – your move. Dogs are just the best. Period.

    • jon

      You know why the internet is filled with pictures of cats?
      Because people with dogs go outside.

      • Walking a doggo is a wonderful way to meet people around the neighborhood. I do sometimes see cat people outdoors – usually taping “lost cat” signs around the park.

    • Jerry

      Cats are too smart to risk their lives for some venison

    • Gary F

      Cats don’t have to be let out of the house to do their business.

    • AL287

      Okay guys. Enough with the cat bashing.

      Research has shown that men who prefer cats over dogs are more sensitive and understanding than dog lovers.

      My Maine Coon is quite clever. I’d like to see a dog turn on the sink faucet.

      She’s a great watch cat, too. Any unusual noises and she is immediately alert and at attention.

      If I want to go out of town for the weekend, I don’t have to worry about
      having someone take care of her. She’s fine on her own for a couple of
      days with extra food and water.

      My son has a black lab. He is not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree but he is loving and affectionate and will fetch until he drops dead.

      Both dogs and cats are excellent companions for different reasons.

      I used to take my other cat (deceased 8 years) for walks on a leash. He was an ordinary alley cat but he would wait at the door for me to come home from work, chomping at the bit to take a walk down to the front of the building to get the mail. My neighbors were amazed.

      I don’t dislike dogs. I just like cats better.

      • >>I used to take my other cat (deceased 8 years) for walks on a leash. <<

        So you dragged it behind you since it was dead?

        //And you know the cat bashing is in jest
        ///Used to have 5 cats and one dog
        ////More of a small dog person now

        • AL287

          Onan, don’t ever jest about a person’s deceased pet.

          My cat died suddenly when I was a travel nurse. I had to have him put down for liver failure. Strange vet. Strange town.

          • Yeah, I was trying to be funny and failed miserably.

            I’ve had to put down 3 dogs and a cat over the past couple years myself. It’s never easy.


  • cpepin

    What happened to the fawn? It appeared that the dog injured the fawn?

    • The fawn is at a shelter. When the animal control people arrived, it got scared and went back in the water and had to be rescued again.

      Not a very bright fawn, perhaps.

      • jon

        Probably why the dog saved it.

        Survival of the fittest would just make hunting harder for the descendants of wolves, saving the dumb ones from drowning so they can go on and breed makes hunting easier for generations.

      • AL287

        Likely an orphaned fawn whose mother might have been hit while crossing a local road or highway. The fawn escaped injury but the doe did not.

        While our instinct is to rescue injured or isolated animals, it might have been better in this case to let mother nature take care of it.

        It will likely live the rest of its life in captivity because it doesn’t have a mother to show it what is good to eat in the wild.