Video: A tornado up close

As tornadoes go these days, this one in eastern Iowa on Tuesday was comparatively small, but it still provided one of the better tornado videos we’ve ever seen.

Don’t try this at home.

Aaron Meyer, a farmer in Conroy, Iowa (between Des Moines and Iowa City), tells the Des Moines Register he was only an eighth- to a quarter-mile from the tornado.

Meyer’s wife recorded it, too.

(Video link)

“I didn’t have a rain drop, no bolt of lightning — nothing,” Meyer said. “It was calm as can be.

“My dog’s a big chicken and he’s out in the front yard taking a nap.”

  • dukepowell

    “It was calm as can be.”

    Yep, that mean you’re really close…

  • Al

    If you’re going to stand that close to the damn thing, at least hold the camera still. Get us some decent footage before you kill yourself.

  • KTFoley

    In the audio, the main speaker first says he’s never even seen one before, and then contradicts the person who’s predicting where it’s headed.

    That’s the kind of certainty that gets a person killed.

    • Jerry

      Which one was holding the other’s beer?

  • Gary F

    Not for me. Close to another “nature weeding out the stupid” episode. Twisters are throwing off debris, roofing nails, rocks, chunks of wood, I wouldn’t want to be that close.

  • Jerry

    “My dog’s a big chicken and he’s out in the front yard taking a nap.”

    Well, if the dog thinks it’s a good idea…