Theft of the Blog: Throw us a bone, here

Given that it’s Friday, today you’re writing NewsCut. It’s your blog. Write what you want. The only guideline is whatever you contribute today, it can’t leave us feeling hopeless, anxious, or angry.

It can be a news story you’ve seen somewhere else (be sure to provide the link), it can be your own essay, poetry or short story. It can be a moment from your summer (some of us live vicariously). It can be nothing but a picture.

You can post it below in comments or send it to me directly at if you’d like to make it a separate post entry from this one. Your choice.

No pressure, but don’t let us down. We’re all counting on you.

  • I’ll start. Yesterday afternoon, while listening to All Things Considered, I heard the rare story that can bring us all together. But you have to LISTEN to it, because reading it won’t do anything for you.

    • AL287

      I haven’t watched Bullwinkle and Rocky in so many years and I don’t have cable but your post brought back many happy memories of watching them on Saturday mornings in my childhood.

      Fractured Fairy Tales was another one right after Bullwinkle and Rocky.

      I have always believed that cartoons like these, Roadrunner and a host of others were really not for children at all but were the creators way of reminding adults not to take themselves too seriously. Cartoons are really subtle sociall commentary in disguise.

      While the slapstick is very entertaining for children, many of the animated movies like Aladdin and the newer movies like Minions have references within the movie that you have to be an adult to truly savor the humor.

      Thanks for this, Bob. You should do this every week. It reminds us to focus on the good things that surround us every day.

  • KariBemidji

    An update from the Fargo story. They met, they apologized, they smiled. Life is a little better.

  • theoacme

    Winter is coming
    But, alas, not soon enough
    I need to cool off.

    But, since the Updraft
    Has avoided Guamian
    Dew points for a time…

    …I’ll try to endure
    Without complaining too much…
    …partial eclipse soon!

  • Annie Possis
    • AL287

      What a lucky gal you are to live in such a beautiful place!

      I’m jealous!

      • Annie Possis

        thanks, I am thankful every single day! 🙂

  • jon

    US scientists have determined a way to edit out genetic diseases in embryos, the resulting babies would not suffer from the disease, nor would their children suffer from the disease…

    • AL287

      No more preexisting conditions.


      • jon

        I’m sure fixing a genetic disorder in your future child will be considered a pre-existing condition… but for families who can afford the first modification, and avoid anything that causes birth defects during the pregnancy, and ensure their offspring only mate with other modified offspring…

        Crap, just created the morlocks and the eloi… science is creating GMO problems for even the most discriminating cannibal!

  • Gary F

    The sound of the cicada bugs will soon be here
    The coach’s whistle means football is near
    The bass drum and the snare, I hear music over there
    The news talks about corn dogs, and a deep fried delight
    You can tell its getting darker earlier in the night
    Still reunions to attend, still fish to be caught
    Back to school sales and things to be bought

  • Justin McKinney

    This summer, I got the best job ever. My wife and I opened a dog boarding kennel in Marshall, MN. I went from a desk job to being the owner of my own small business, one where I get to greet furry friends every day and watch them enjoy themselves while their owners are away doing the same thing. It’s truly rewarding work, and I love going to “work” each day now.

    Also, we got to host a “meet and greet” with foster animals from the local rescue at our kennel, which in turn led to some potential adoptions. Life is truly good this summer!

  • Barton

    This was my feel good, yet sort of teary, story of the week:

    • Barton

      It made me miss Whataburger (that and Dr Pepper in every restaurant are really the main things I miss about Texas). And it also prompted me to call my Grandmom, 94, and just chat about nothing.

      • Gary F

        Sometimes just the little things make life so grand.

  • PaulK
    Backpacking at Itasca State Park. It was a very different experience to be on the trails and away from the hordes at the fire tower and headwaters. So peaceful.

  • kevins
    • AL287

      What would we do without our pets?

      There are many who are not fans of felines but I would be lost without my Bitsy, a Maine Coon. She keeps me sane these days in what is far too often a crazy and insane world. I kick back the recliner and she is immediately in my lap.

      She has an infinite variety of chirps and trills and “talks” to me all day long. She is the best $300 I have ever spent in my life.

      I’m sure you miss Kiernan terribly. He was a beautiful cat and I am sure he gave you hours of entertainment and comfort when you needed it.

      • kevins

        I would like a Maine Coon…big enough to deal with the bluejays and the odd coyotte. Kiernan used to follow me to the garden, flop down, and then criticize my weeding technique. He was a character.

        • AL287

          Your Kiernan definitely sounds like a real character.

          Next time there is a cat show in town, go take a look.

          My cat is a premium, which means she was spayed. Bitsy was a year old when I bought her. She’ll be 12 next year.

          Her breeder explained that she had a bad pregnancy the first time she was mated and had to be spayed.

          There are many breeders who also are selling the cats they have in the show. Any cat that has been “altered” can be shown but only in the “Premium” category.

          Keep in mind that purebred Maine Coons are great hunters and are very quick but they require brushing twice a week or their fur gets matted. A hard wire cat comb and a wire curry brush are all that’s needed.

          Maine Coons because of their purebred status are prone to have inherited cardiac problems including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which causes heart failure.

          If you buy one, make sure you get a certificate from the breeder that states their blood line is free of this disorder.

          There are also rescue centers that specialize in Maine Coons or cats who are a combination of Maine Coon and domestic short hair (alley cat).

          Maine Coons are known as the “gentle giant.” Males can get up to 20-25 lbs and females can be as large as 16-18 lbs.

          Definitely a match for blue jays and coyotes.

          If you decide to purchase one, you will never regret it.

  • Carol S.

    Here’s my contribution, which might make an interesting story with more details for this blog…

    My husband the golf fan told me a story he heard during the coverage of the recent British Open, about the trophy. Much like the Stanley Cup, the winners get to spend time with the actual trophy (I think he said they get to keep it for a year, then get a replica to keep for life). During Tom Lehmann’s year with the trophy (he’s from Minnesota), he broke it and had to find a silversmith in Minnesota to fix it. Several years later another winner (whose name I don’t remember) was in Iowa with the trophy, and HE accidentally broke it. He had to find a silversmith in Minnesota to fix it–and yes, you guessed it, it was the same person.

    It would be interesting to track this silversmith down and get the story from him…

    Oh, and my feel good news for the week: I started a new job on Tuesday, and I’m loving it!

  • crystals

    For all my fellow Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler fans, a delightful revisiting of the masterpiece. (This was the best thing I read last week that had absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with childhood happiness.)

    • Oh, I loved that book so much…thanks!!

    • AL287

      I’m going to write this title down to read later with my new grandson.

      His father is an avid reader and mysteries are his favorite genre. I’ll recommend this to him and his wife.


  • Sybil Twilight

    A visitor last evening kept me entertained for at least long enough to find my camera and snap several photos.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I don’t have a story, I have a question, one I’ve been asking people for the last several weeks.

    Where will you be on August 21, 2017?

    • Bob Sinclair

      Tangent OR waiting for the night to fall in the middle of the morning. And then figuring out how to get home without being on the road with a million other people. (After all this is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list event)

      • Jack Ungerleider

        I wish you safe travels and good weather.

        • Bob Sinclair

          Thank you

    • kevins

      Getting my spouse of 37 years an anniversary present…do you think she will like wrenches?

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Happy Anniversary.

        • kevins

          Thanks from both of us!

  • KTN

    This past spring, my wife and I started a new adventure in our lives – we moved from Mpls to Columbia Falls Montana. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and so far so good. This is one reason why – from our deck (where we are told we can expect to see a grizzly bear or two using from time to time).

  • Elaine Love

    Driving a trolley on Sunday…a time for smiles, history, whistles, kids, stories. Ever ride a trolley during the heyday in Minneapolis? Come relive it, or bring your Daniel Tiger-trolley-loving grandkids to ride with us. There are 3 ice cream places in Excelsior for a sweet treat…I can’t wait!

  • BJ

    Last Friday ending one of the best season’s of coaching I have ever had. This photo just makes me smile.

  • Patti Spicer

    My 6-year old is earning her brown cammo belt in Karate tonight. Best day ever.

  • And finally today, a picture. After a day of moving, the BlogSon #2 and soon to be daughter in law will spend the night in their first home.

    Real life.

  • crystals

    Oh! My other favorite thing this week: Lupita Nyong’o enjoying the heck out of Comic Con in total anonymity.