Theft of the Blog: The friends of summer

Renae, who didn’t provide a last name, provides this Theft of the Blog contribution (details here). Many thanks for all your contributions. They were an amazing slice of life. This has been an enjoyable exercise. We should do it again.

Real life.

I could caption the above “Friends of Summer” and leave it at that.

The additional layer here is that my son has high-functioning autism, and the fact that he has two such amazing friends is nothing short of a miracle. As a toddler he sat with therapists for hours learning “walk, walk, walk” with the Lego figurines and learning eye contact. He didn’t understand that Hot Wheels were for pretend driving and not for spinning wheels in amazement.

There were outbursts, meltdowns, tantrums, in elementary school. Clinical trials, pullouts, educational aides, due process. All in full view of his peers, his friends. To quote a great parenting book I’ve recently read: “it’s so hard to be his friend.”

Throughout everything, our son has these two amazing friends, brothers. We are so thankful for these boys’ patience and understanding. It goes well beyond their age. The boys of summer, bringing joy to our son.