The day Justine Damond saved the ducklings.

Several days after her death, The Guardian has released a video of Justine Damond (nee Ruszczyk) saving ducklings from a storm drain.

It happened three weeks ago, the Guardian says of its video, which it’s calling exclusive and is indicative of the worldwide attention her death at the hands of Minneapolis police on Saturday night has garnered.

“And so she got down on her hands and knees, and collected them out of there and rescued them,” her friend, Gary Perisian, president of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Center, told MPR News’ Doualy Xaykaothao. “It sounds kind of cheesy and cliche, but that’s very much who she was, that she would just help anybody or anything. No fear or no hesitation about anything.”

  • Gary F

    And she saves baby ducks….

    • “saved”

      • Gary F

        I’m thinking this isn’t a one time deal. This could be a regular deal.

  • crystals

    This is lovely. She seemed like a lovely person. So did Philando Castile, and I similarly loved hearing the stories of kiddos at J.J. Hill who adored him.

    And yet, it also makes me super uncomfortable that the enormity of their deaths are so often illustrated by photos, videos, stories, etc. that make it sound – intentional or not – that can make it feel as though only “good” people don’t deserve to die at the hands of police.

    I don’t think that’s your intention, Bob, nor do I think it is explicitly many people’s intentions…but the cumulative effect of it really hits me in an uncomfortable place. Everything about this death is uncomfortable, as it probably should be.

  • Kassie

    But I assume we will soon be hearing about how she was a drug user and how many times she had been pulled over, right? Or do we only do that for black people? A good South Minneapolis Hippie, as she appeared to be, has at least 50% chance of having smoked pot recently enough for it to come up on a drug test.

    • I think you just took care of it.

    • Jerry

      No, I can see them trying to explain it as singular act of gross incompetence, rather blaming the victim as usual or accepting that it is a system wide failure of training.