Someone give this little tiger cub a name

The Minnesota Zoo is turning to us in the public for help naming its newest female Amur tiger cub.

Her mom, Sundari, gave birth three months ago. The nameless baby has a “curious and spunky personality,” zookeepers say. She’s also an endangered species.

Give the zoo your best name idea here. Zookeepers will pick their top three choices by Aug. 9, and we’ll be able to vote for the next week. The plan is to have a name for the cub by Aug. 17.

  • Saw this last night in my FB feed and immediately thought “Tiger McTigerface”…

    Of course that was also the very first suggestion that was proffered.


  • Glsai

    If you put it up to the internet it will be Stripey McStripeFace.

  • MrE85