Showing respect for a giant fish, woman watches state record swim away

If you want to see sportsmanship on the water, we offer Kelsey Poshusta, 23, of Adams, Minn., who caught this muskie last week on Lake Mille Lacs.

It’s probably a state record and who wouldn’t take every opportunity to own a record in a state that’s fishing crazy like Minnesota?

Kelsey Poshusta.

Her father measured the fish at 57 1/4″. State record, indeed. Except that her family didn’t have a scale in the boat that could weigh it, she tells KARE 11.

There was always the option of not releasing it and taking it ashore to confirm her record. But she was more concerned with getting the fish back in the water.

So she released it and watched a state record swim away.

  • Jerry

    Mystery solved. Into that fish is where all the lake’s walleye are going.

    • Jerry

      Also: remind me to never swim in Mille Lacs

  • Veronica

    How do you even hold a beast that size without dropping it?

    • Bob Sinclair

      That was my thought. As well as why would anyone WANT to handle something that wriggly and slimy. (But then I don’t like worms either)

    • Jim in RF

      I have to imagine it weighs 40 or 50 pounds. And it doesn’t look like it was sitting still for the picture.

  • P Gustaf

    Good for her! VERY impressive catch.