Mariucci by any other name is still Mariucci

The University of Minnesota tried its best to hide the fact that selling the naming rights to Mariucci Arena was anything but a grab for cash at the expense of sports history and the memory of a former star and long-time coach.

The university tried to keep Mariucci in the name of the famed arena by calling it 3M Arena at Mariucci.

Say what?

Mariucci is the name of the arena. It’s not a section of the city. So how can the university have “Name of Arena at Name of Arena” as its new name?

Where would branding experts get such an idea?

Just up the street, actually, where another legend’s name was pushed aside in August 2010 when the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome was renamed “Mall of America Field at the H.H.H. Metrodome.”

That never really caught on other than in media organizations that cash checks from the marketing department of Mall of America. It was the Metrodome. It was going to be the Metrodome. It will always be the Metrodome even though it was deflated and blown to smithereens in 2014.

The same is likely true for Post-It Note Arena. It’ll always be Mariucci Arena at Mariucci Arena.

  • MrE85

    I hate “naming rights.” It should be a honor, not a product.

    • Target Center must have been one of the very first corporate naming rights stadiums.

      • MrE85

        Where the “Mayo Clinic” plays…

        • John O.

          …..3M Scotchcast is frequently nearby. In 13 colors.

      • QuietBlue

        Mr. Wrigley would disagree, and there’s an argument for Fenway being another early example of this as well.

        (Note: I edited this to clarify the Fenway part).

        • Wrigley was named after the team owner, not a company. These days it would be “Wrigley Chewing Gum Field.”

          Fenway refers to a section of Boston known as “The Fens”.

      • RBHolb

        I remember someone raising an objection to the name “Target Center,” on the grounds that it would lead children would believe that money is the purpose of the NBA.

    • wjc

      Sadly, that shipped has long since sailed.

  • Vince Tuss


    • Jack Ungerleider

      Leave the name just plaster 3M logos all over the place.

      • Vince Tuss

        They’re paying mostly for the mentions on the TV broadcast and a little in game stories.

        • Jack Ungerleider

          I understand that. I know the local news outlets will be obliged to refer to it as the 3M Arena at Mariucci. (Sort of like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.) But in much the same way that Rogers Centre will always be the SkyDome and Progressive Field will always be “The Jake”, you can change the name but some of us won’t listen. 8^)

  • Bob Sinclair

    “Post-It-Note Arena” Hahaha. I hope that catches on!

    • joetron2030

      Me, too. I was just coming to comment that that’s an even better name.

      • Bob Sinclair

        I was thinking you could then decorate Marriucci with post it notes with his name on it

        • joetron2030

          Fans could fly Post-It Note airplanes towards the ice whenever the Gophers score a goal.

  • kcmarshall

    I’m glad to see I am not alone in calling the new stadium the “Metrodome”.

    • I just call it the “sandcrawler.”

      • Jack

        Nah. It is the Ark. I can see it looming on the horizon coming down Highway 88.

    • Capn

      I call it “the giant, ugly concrete spaceship that ruins our once beautiful skyline.”

  • Paul

    It has gone too far. Parking ramps are even in on the bid for naming rights – Fleet Farm Parking Garage at USBank Stadium. Before you know it, their logos will replace the relics outside said stadiums.