Invasion of the mayflies

There were lots of pretty colors on the La Crosse, Wis., radar on Tuesday night when storms moved through the area.

So you might have missed the blues and greens along the Mississippi River…

It was a major hatching of mayflies, drifting north toward Galesville, Wis.

A little while later, they were impossible to miss.

Heads up, La Crosse!

John Sullivan, who took the pictures, likes to play with the critters.

By yesterday, it was all over but the disgusting cleanup at the lock and dam at Welch, Minn.

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  • MrE85

    Gross, but nearly as disgusting as the theft of memorials from a cemetery.

  • Ralphy

    They were “dropping like flies” at the Saints game the other night.
    It got kinda slippery on the steps.

  • John

    We were in northern MN over the 4th, and something like mayflies was just starting to hatch. My son was disappointed, because he couldn’t catch a fish to save his life – too much easy food right on the surface.

    Nothing like this though. (seems to happen every year).

  • AL287

    I lived in La Crescent across the river from La Crosse for many years and the annual mayfly swarm was dreaded by many. The closer you lived to the river the worse it was and some years were worse than others.

    You generally avoided the riverfront those nights and as the news stories confirm, they are attracted to light.

    At least the fish are happy!

  • joetron2030

    I saw that pic from the lock and dam on Reddit yesterday. Man, that’s a LOT of mayflies to have to shovel.

  • ec99

    We used to vacation at Grand Beach, Manitoba. Same story there, except they’re called fish flies.

  • Bob Sinclair