Frampton comes alive with apology for Champlin woman

If this keeps up, I’m going to have to set up a category for “apologies for poor behavior,” which would now include Peter Frampton, who stormed off the stage at Treasure Island on Sunday.

Poor Sherry Tupa, of Champlin, Minn., was only doing what lots of fans of aging rockers do: holding an album up from the artist’s best days. It was Frampton Comes Alive. Of course it was Frampton Comes Alive. What other Peter Frampton album would anyone own? I’m in You? Please.

But a cameraman put her on the big video screen during a Frampton solo, the crowd hooted, and that ruined his moment, so he stormed off the stage.

Ms. Tupa was nothing but class, telling the Star Tribune, “We all have our less than stellar moments.”

By last night, Frampton showed some class too, the Strib reports today. He called Tupa.

He was “humble and sweet,” she said, inviting her to send his album to him for the autograph she wanted.

It would be best if he not notice the autograph she did get on Sunday. The camera man’s.

  • KTN

    The year was 1976, the venue was Mile High Stadium in Denver, the concert was Frampton Comes Alive. From my foggy memories, Frampton did lock eyes with my cousin, who swooned, but he was otherwise the perfect gentleman at that show.

  • Gary F

    I owned “I’m in you”. It had a nice cover of Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered on it.

    And it was a gift, I didn’t actually buy it.

    • I used to have to play “I’m In You” because it was in my DJ years. Twice a shift.

      I hated my DJ years.

      And that was a godawful song.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        I’m fortunate that my “DJ years” were on a 10 watt college station. We didn’t have playlists unless we made them ourselves. 8^)

  • BReynolds33

    OK, I’ll bite. What is the issue with holding up an album cover that so angered him?

    • Gary F

      The album was pretty lame. Especially coming off a big success like Frampton Comes Alive.

    • DavidG

      It wasn’t the fan holding up the album. It was that the camera man/video director put her on the screen rather than focusing on his guitarist’s solo.

      • I think it was the crowd hooting as a result of what was on the screen, not so much what was on the screen.

        But, geez, Frampton, it’s Treasure Island Casino. Outdoor venue. On a Sunday. It ain’t the Artist’s Quarter.

        • DavidG

          Could be. I’ve just been going by what a friend who were there described. Either way, I don’t think his ire was really directed towards the fan, but rather the cameraman/video director.

          • I agree. I don’t think it was directed at the fan. Even the FU he mouthed into the camera I took to be directed at the video director.

        • We’ve seen three outdoor shows so far this summer. Here is how I would explain the difference in demeanor between each audience, based on the most visible beverage at each show:

          Boz Scaggs @ MN Zoo: Cocktails
          Santana @ Mystic Lake: Wine
          Frampton/Miller @ Treasure Island: MOAR BEEEEEEEEEEER!

          • How do you like the venue?

          • Downside: I’m no longer 30, or even 40, so wish it was a shorter drive. Night-driving afterward sucks on two-lane highways. lol

            Upside: Reserved seating was comfortable, and we had good stage sight lines in our section (CC). (But not having the Jumbotrons probably made for some unhappy people seated in back of us and on the grassy general admission knoll.) The stage was maybe twice the size of the outdoor stage at Mystic Lake.

  • BJ

    My baby sister was at that show. She said it was funny after, many of the concert goers who may have seen the acts in their prime trying to remember where they parked their cars.

    • Was Frampton opening for Steve Miller? Was Steve Miller the top bill? Or was Frampton?

      • Frampton was the opening act; Miller topped the bill.

  • X.A. Smith

    That’s quite unprofessional. He owes the audience an apology, and the crew, and his band. If you want to give the crew notes, wait until after the performance.

  • I was there, and can attest that the “Frampton Comes Alive” album’s first appearance was NOT during a Frampton solo. It happened during a solo by Peter’s rhythm guitarist (and “wing man”, as he was termed), Adam Lester; his first opportunity to spotlight someone else in the band on stage.

    What I recall seeing/hearing was Adam begin his solo while the screen still showed Frampton, guitar slung back over his shoulder, walk back toward the drums and sip from a water bottle. (Also popped some kind of pill, too. ???) The camera held this view, without ever showing Adam’s guitar playing, until the fan held up her “Frampton Comes Alive” album.

    At no point during the Adam Lester solo did the camera show him playing. I believe it was THAT sign of disrespect that prompted Frampton to grab at the offending cameraman (the video director was really the one to blame), and then walk off.

  • Jamie Lawless

    It’s funny I was the one holding up the “I’m in You” Album that caused Peter to walk of the stage yet no one has bothered to speak with me. I had purchased 3 meet and greets so I could bring my friend who has breast cancer to the show and that was the disrespect he showed. We were in seat 22 & 23 2nd row in. The Camera man told me to hold it up after I had put it away once so I did and he put it on the big screen.