1,000 Words: Police easily startled

Near University and Snelling in St. Paul, a new kind of graffiti appeared after last week’s killing of a woman by a police officer who was reportedly startled by a loud noise.

They’re showing up in other locations, too. This one is (or perhaps by now, was) in Cedar Riverside.

(h/t: Theresa Nichols)

  • lol it’s true

  • AL287

    If the shoe fits…

  • jon

    I saw this on facebook, some one from the UK asked “what’s with the police over there, are they basically just an army?”

    Did a bit of quick googling that suggested total US police spending is around $150 billion a year (across federal, state, and various local spending)… China (second most military spending in the world) spends a similar amount on their military.
    Now China also spends a similar amount of policing, which given china’s population means they spend about 4 times less than the US per capita…
    (Most places seem to be at about the 4-5x less per capita on policing… when I ran the numbers)

    So to answer the question from the UK… the US police forces are better funded than the UK military, but don’t need to abide by various treaties on use of force and rules of engagement.