Soccer team kicked out of tournament because player looked like a boy

Mili Hernandez is 8 years old, loves soccer, has short hair and looks like a boy, so she and her team were kicked out of a girls soccer tournament in Nebraska on Sunday.

The team was about to play in the finals of the tournament in Springfield when it got word.

Tournament officials didn’t want to look at insurance records that showed she’s a girl, which suggests that the reason the team was kicked out was because someone wanted to game the game.

Two of the country’s legendary soccer stars rushed to her defense.

Mili says she’ll find other tournaments to play in.

(h/t: Sean Collins)

  • Bridget L.

    Ugh. Further proof we haven’t come too far as a species. Props to Mili for staying true.

  • Al

    WHAT. THE ACTUAL. Poor kiddo.

  • kevins

    Good gosh…it’s just a game.

  • Laurie K.

    Proof, once again, that adults are the leading cause of killing the innocence and fair play sensibilities of children.

  • monica (kitten)

    Dear Nebraska,
    Grow up.

    Little kids everywhere

  • lindblomeagles

    I keep writing this every year, more than once, since President Obama’s election in 2008; We Americans are not nearly as tolerant or accepting of diversity as we think we are, not here in Minnesota; not in the Midwest (remember the Robotics Team in Indiana story Bob posted a few months back?), not in the White House. These are not isolated events, and more we keep coming out until we do something.