Local fans give Packers player a lift from MSP

If a Minnesota Vikings player were to be stranded in Green Bay, Wis., with no rental cars available, would a Minnesota fan drive him to the Twin Cities?

It’s a trick question, of course, because no true Vikings fan would ever consent to live in Green Bay. But if the shoe were on the other foot, Packer fans would come through.

In fact, it happened last night, ESPN reports.

Packers cornerback Davon House landed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and his connecting flight to Green Bay was canceled. He had practice scheduled this morning and a lot of coaches frown on players missing practice, even in the off-season.

He put a call out to local Packer fans.

Check the replies on the tweet. He didn’t lack for volunteers, finally settling on Chad Johnson and his brother, Mike.

Johnson lives in Eau Claire, Wis. His brother lives in Hudson, Wis.

House’s car was at the airport in Green Bay and Johnson intended to drop him off, but House insisted on a tour

I went to bed, and I was scrolling through my Twitter and saw he needed a ride,” Chad Johnson told ESPN on Tuesday. “My brother lives in Hudson; I’m in Eau Claire. I tweeted him that, ‘I could come pick you up,’ and in the meantime I texted my brother that House needs a ride. My brother also tweeted him. He was closer, so he swung up to the airport and picked him up, and I met him on Highway 29 so my brother and I could keep each other awake.”

Johnson brought along a pillow so House could rest during the trip, all the better to be fresh for morning practice, apparently.

“It would’ve been cool just to get a picture with him there, but he was like, ‘Follow me to the stadium and I’ll sign some stuff for you,'” Johnson told ESPN. “We told him he didn’t need to do that, and he insisted. He has OTAs at 7:30, and here he is at 3:30 in the morning doing this. So he brought us over there, we got to go in the locker room. He signed some shoes and some gloves and let us take pictures with the Super Bowl trophies.”

Both brothers were at work on time this morning.

  • >>He signed some shoes and some gloves and let us take pictures with the Super Bowl trophies.<<

    Wait, there is a new SB trophy each year?

    /Lord Stanley's Cup scoffs on such things.

    • Jerry

      Lord Stanley’s Cup probably needs to spend some time in an autoclave

    • kennedy

      I can understand why people in Minnesota are unfamiliar with the Super Bowl trophy. 😉

      • My point was that there seems to be multiple SB trophies…not Minnesota’s hapless men’s sports teams.

  • Jay T. Berken

    I do not see any other player on another team ever doing this, much less being comfortable doing this. Yes, first the logistics, Green Bay would be the only city in the NFL to have had a cancellation due to the size of the city and the demand, or lack of demand for a 9pm Sunday flight being canceled (at least that is what I read of it). I can maybe see Buffalo, NY.

    But most important, for all its warts and smallness, Green Bay itself is a very special place due to mostly having the Packers and how they have kept them. I will not go down that road, but even with the gripes within the metro of Green Bay of giving special attention to the Packers, the Packers have really done an effective outreach to make the Packers accessible to their fans like no other that I am aware of. Two personal stories which I will indulge you to make my point (not even stories of actual game day experience).

    Back in the early 1990s, my brother and great friend during the summer practices would be driven to my Aunt’s house about four blocks away from Lambeau where they stored their bikes for two summers. Each day they would bring a Packer player to and from the locker room across the parking lot to the practice field. I am assuming everybody has seen the pictures and stories. They would befriend a player and each day give a ride to the same player. My brother befriended Lewis Billips and Terry Buford (I think) whom both were cut that season and his friend befriended Ty Detmer. The players would give them shirts, tickets and signatures.

    Second story was again sets my brother center stage. He had gotten into a snow boarding accident in Colorado which he was broken vertebrae was millimeters from cutting into his spinal cord and paralyzing him. I wrote a letter to the Packers explaining his story, our family’s story with the team and having a month old baby, and wondered if they would send him a card to heighten his spirits. The Packers had sent a package including a blanket, signed Rodgers picture and a signed football including all the players and coaches of the 2010 championship team with a letter to get better.

    The Packers make the team and players accessible to the fans more than it seems than other NFL teams, maybe because Green Bay is a small city, but I really do not see another player from another team feeling comfortable to tweet out for a five hour ride at 9pm on a Sunday.

    Only in Green Bay…