It’s OK, purists. Baseball can be fun

It’s never too early to hit the “Friday File.”

The Savannah Bananas slogan is “We Make Baseball Fun” and “Fans First. Entertainment Always.”

You know how it is for some minor league teams that don’t consider a baseball game to be a church service, right?

Not everyone does, which might explain some of the “he’s got no respect for the game” comments around the Internet as the video of their first base coach, Darius Johnson, races around the InterTubes over the last few days.

You baseball purists may now return to considering what can be done to make baseball games go faster and be less boring.

  • BS – I was doing the Macarena while coaching 15 years ago…

    • Gary F

      I’ve never done the Macarena and don’t ever plan on doing it.

      We were discussing one day if Tom Waits was a third base coach and what would his signals be.

      • wjc

        They would be unintelligible.

      • Jerry

        The better question is “what would his infield chatter sound like?”.

        • MikeB

          “The Pitching Mound Has Been drinking…”

      • I had certain signals built in to the dance. 🙂

  • Gary F

    So, if a player misses the signal to bunt, steal or hit and run, its not his fault is it?

    • For bunting and hitting and running it wouldn’t be his fault since those don’t come from the first base coach.

      I think every thing he does is a sign to steal.

      • Gary F

        He must be tired at the end of a game. I could see them having James Brown or MC Hammer night at the ball park.

  • Zachary

    When your team name is the “Bananas” it’s not like you can take anything serious.

    However – maybe this guy is practicing for his real job, or trying to attract the attention of dance scouts so he can get out of the minor league system.

  • Al

    Pffff, this is old hat. I was doing this 30 years ago.

    Except it was in the outfield. and I was practicing my tap routine.

    But same thing, really.

  • Bridget L.

    Baseball could use a little bit more fun. One of my favorite things about baseball is the mascot, I never get tired of TC Bear. Wish we had a minor league team called the Bananas.