End of the line for parking lot attendants in Fargo

Parking lot attendants in Fargo, N.D., are finding out what most cities have already learned. The world doesn’t need parking lot attendants anymore.

“It’s a great job,” Al Schraw tells Forum Communications. He got his latest gig after losing his last one to automation.

Now his current parking lot is going to become a high-rise tower with a fully automated parking garage. No 84-year-olds who worked the job to help ease the loneliness of losing his wife a few years ago required.

The company that supplies parking lot attendants in Fargo says when the complex goes up, it’ll have just one parking lot attendant left in the city.

  • Al

    It’s okay. He can depend on Medicaid to help him, and…

    Oh. Wait.

  • jon

    A small look into the future… where automated kiosks replace the service industry, and automated cars replace the transportation industry… and automated newscut comments replace me!

    We are on the edge of a massive disruption in the labor markets because of a new wave of automation… and it’s going to be uncomfortable for most of us.

    • Postal Customer

      The edge? We’re deep into it already.

      • Ben Chorn

        I think most people think about robots and kiosks, but I’ve notice apps have actually been the most widely used automation. I can order just about anything from my phone

      • Jack

        Agreed. I worry about the world our son will face when he hits the labor market year. I see the impact in my sector already.

        Who is going to have the money to purchase goods and services in the future? That’s what the top guys (there are few women) never consider.

        “They don’t need the working man.” From Factory Whistle Blowing by Tom Paxton. Substitute automation for offshoring and it covers it exactly.