NRA critics: ‘Clenched fist’ ad incites political violence

The National Rifle Association’s latest ad — burning up Thursday’s internet — is a bit of a jaw dropper.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch comes out with an anger over a political philosophy that could make a person wonder if she should own a gun.

In a letter to the NRA, Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory called on the NRA to remove the ad “as it suggests armed violence against communities of color, progressives and anyone who does not agree with this Administration’s policies.”

Loesch dismissed the criticism of a congressman who said it exploits the shooting in Alexandria when a man opened fire on Republicans at a softball practice.

Their ex-president?” “Their media?” “Their schools?” That’s not divisive at all.

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  • MrE85

    On the plus side, you can’t pull a trigger with a clenched fist.

    The NRA chose sides a long time ago. So did I.

  • Leroy

    I wonder if this counts as their response to the Philando Castile shooting that we’ve been waiting for?

    • Rob

      Laughing out loud, in the saddest way possible.

    • theoacme

      I believe it is their response to the Castile shooting (I’d call it a legalized police and judicial lynching)…in which case, every NRA member that has not publicly condemned this video is telling me that they want to treat me like Emmett Till was treated…and I wish they would.

  • AmiSchwab

    vile. the nra has managed to reach an unbelievable new low.

  • Gary F

    What isn’t true about this?

  • Jerry

    So they’ve given up on this responsible gun ownership thing?

    • They did that decades ago.

      • jon

        Either of you see the 90’s nra propoganda films? They assured on high number TV stations during election years. I watched them twice back then and haven’t found them on YouTube or anything since.

        They pointed out time and time again that a California supreme Court just said there is nothing in the California Constitution that grants a right to bear arms, so they are going to take your guns! Just like they did in Australia! And their Olympic shooting team can only practice at the range now with the guns locked up there!
        And this CA judge!
        And on and on it went…

        It must have been after 96 because they repeatedly mentioned Australia, (they repeatedly mentioned everything, good propoganda always does).

        That was about the time the nra stopped advocating for gun owners and started advocating for guns… Because if Australia can take them away and a judge in California can read a state Constitution then it can happen here too!

    • I’ve said for years that a civil war is coming. People always laughed and thought there was somethign wrong with me. But that was back then. Now? I get head nods. We’re on a very typical and well-worn arc to political violence and more Americans are starting to understand that we’re not an exception.

      • Wayne

        There’s profit in chaos.

        • It’s the mindset of paranoia. This guy had his gun trained on federal agents. He thought he was defending freedom. You can cram just about any twisted way of thinking into a logic that you’re defending freedom.

          People who engage in political violence?
          They almost ALWAYS think they’re the good guys.

        • Gary F

          Why this week? This video has been out there since April? Why the outrage now?

          • Wayne

            Surely it’s a plot!

            Seriously, how is this different from the Seth Rich thing with the exception that it’s not made up.
            Mechanically speaking, people watch it. It goes on their social networks and is seen by more people. Soon it’s accumulated enough clicks to start showing up in meta searches. And then, before you know it, it’s news.

            And, even if it is a big, nefarious, lefty kerfuffle, it’s still a terrible message, and deserves public scorn.
            It absolutely appeals to our worst nature.
            And it’s not like the NRA is some small, crazy organization. They have a lot of money and a lot of political influence.

            It’s the kind of thing that makes me, someone who grew up hunting in northern Minnesota, who had a rifle from the time I was 8 (thanks Grampa!), who joined the National Guard (Sgt E-5 Cav Scout, with my parents permission at the age of 16, thanks mom!), who still owns guns (safely locked away, thank you!) wish that the NRA never existed.

          • It was filmed in April. It came out this month. After Alexandria, I believe.

          • Gary F

            Been out for months on NRA Sirius and Podcasts.

            Alexandria was three weeks ago, so why has it exploded in the last couple of days? Is this the outrage of the week? A change in the media’s narrative?

          • Video was just released. And it’s a pretty disgusting ad. And it’s race bating and anti-Semitic, assuming you didn’t know what “Hollywood friends” is code for. But I suspect you did

          • Rob

            Some of us have a more reality-based, temperate media diet and have not previously seen it on the NRA propaganda outlets.

      • TGB

        So are you attempting to perpetuate a civil war by writing about this?

        • Gary F

          Why now?

      • Rob

        And T.Rump’s incendiary, hateful, misogynistic anti-MSNBC tweets have really ratcheted things up, making it feel like civil war is way closer than it was before. Our country’s way far from perfect, but I’ve never been ashamed to be an American before now. We have literally gone over the edge.

      • KariBemidji

        What is the purpose of this ad other than to make the line a little thicker between us and them?

        • Wayne

          Shore up lagging gun sales.

          • Jerry

            The NRA doesn’t serve gun owners, it serves gun makers.

          • Wayne

            Well, yeah. But you have to drive demand somehow.
            The previous foil has left office, so they have to switch focus.
            Those AR-15’s and backyard ammo burying kits aren’t going to sell themselves.

        • Gary F

          This has been out since April and now its an outrage?

          The libs and their buddies at CNN have had a tough month. The Project Veritas pretty much shown the Russia thing, in Van’s own words in a Nothing Burger.

          The left needs to rally the troupes. So why now with the outrage and not two months ago?

          • KTN

            This ad was cowardly and offensive in April, just like now. Why does it matter if more people see it now, the basic premise of this ad, to excite the base into a frothy lather, only panders to the lowest common denominator that is the current Republican party.

          • Gary F

            This week’s feigned outrage.

          • KTN

            Why is it feigned. I saw a bumper sticker tonight at our local farmers market in Columbia Falls, it said, NRA – Stand and fight.

            I thought, who are they supposed to be fighting exactly. Me, because I think the NRA is a terrorist organization, but I own guns too, so that might give them pause. Or is it brown people they want to fight, or criminals (which ones), or …

          • Jerry

            Troupes? We’re not all actors.

      • Jerry

        There’s 2 competing visions of what America should be. One side longs for a past version of a homogenous America that never actually existed, while the other looks forward to a vibrant multicultural America that could be.

      • Robert

        Unfortunately I believe you are right Bob. Both sides are becoming more polarized and assembling their “Brown shirts” for street action. Chaos is sure to follow.

        • Gary F

          Like the Antifa’s and The Resistance?

  • Jeff

    Now that they don’t have President Obama in office, it’s very clear the NRA is looking for a new boogeyman to rile up the base. Those “crazy liberals” appear to be it.

    • Rob

      Those effing crazy liberals and THEIR ex-President. You know, the one that didn’t take away the alt-right’s guns.

  • Jerry

    This is what we get for not taking away their guns

  • Gary F

    Hey, she’s on Tucker Carlson tonight! Probably a big viewing party at Media Matters tonight!

  • SysAdmin

    We are supposed to be a country of laws. Those laws need to be obeyed by all. It is not acceptable to ignore laws that you disagree with. If you can change them do, if not follow the law or go to prison. I don’t see how you can argue with this.

    • Wayne

      Or get a small fine or a warning.
      Kinda depends on the law, right?

      • joetron2030

        And the color of your skin and how much money you have for a lawyer.

        But, yeah, obey the laws. Like racial segregation laws.

        • Wayne

          To clarify I was implying that some laws warrant prison time, like murder, and some might only require a stern warning.

          Like Vermont’s pie serving law:

          There are enough laws out there that we’re all guilty, and I believe that’s by design.

          That way we, as a society, can come up with all sorts of justifications for why someone needs to be incarcerated or shot.

          That for-profit prison system won’t fill itself.

          • joetron2030

            I should have split my reply into two separate ones. The first sentence of my reply was in response to yours. The second was really in response to SysAdmin.

          • Wayne

            No worries. I figured as such, and your point is completely valid.

  • Gary F

    This has been out since April, why is it news now at the end of June?

    Just why is the media all hyped up about this now? Is this the new narrative for the media?

    Why now? Because big media has had a bad week?

    • kevins

      Yep…that’s it. Thanks.

      • X.A. Smith

        One outlet messes up one story, and big media has a bad week. Sure.

    • Rob

      Yes. The media had a bad week – they were traumatized into submission (not) by the savage and vindictive tweets of T.Rump.

  • kennedy

    I’m getting marmalade on the way home, to enjoy while rereading a book that holds gentle wisdom.

  • Rob

    Did I see Pepe the Frog in the background on this ad, or was that just a trick of the light?

  • lindblomeagles

    Given 1) the “Stand Your Ground” laws that passed in the South; and given 2) how juries cowardly let police officers and would be police officers home after shooting innocent Black men like Philando Castile and Trayvon Martin; and Laquan McDonald and an off-duty Black police officer; and 3) given the rise in hate crimes against Black people (see the African American Museum in D.C..) and Muslims (see the killings in Kansas and Portland); and given 4) moderate conservatives and liberals allowed the status quo to remain after Newton, Pulse Night Club, Virginia Tech, and other mass shootings in America took place between 2004 and 2016; and given 5) how we continue to ASSume crime is committed by poor people and minorities from inner cities, NONE OF US SHOULD BE SURPRISED BY THIS AD OR THIS POSITION. WE ARE GETTING EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED TO IGNORE. Thank you America.

  • Press release: National Institute on Civil Discourse:

    NICD Executive Director: “NRA Ad is Wrong Way Forward”

    June 30, 2017 – Dr. Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Executive Director of the nonpartisan National Institute for Civil Discourse, released the following statement regarding the new NRA ad:

    “The only way to repair our fractured politics is to rise above the incendiary, violent language that has caused so much division. The advertisement released from the National Rifle Association is the wrong way forward. It’s important to step back, take a deep breath, and remember that everyone – Republican, Democrat, Independent or no political party at all – is an American and has a right to peacefully advocate for their beliefs. Civil discourse is at the foundation of our democracy. A call for a raised fist is never the answer to a political debate, regardless of the issue.”


    About the National Institute for Civil Discourse:

    The National Institute for Civil Discourse, is a non-profit, non-partisan institute based at the University of Arizona dedicated to addressing incivility and political dysfunction in American democracy by promoting structural and behavioral change. Informed by research, NICD’s programs are designed to create opportunities for elected officials, the media, and the public to engage different voices respectfully and take responsibility for the quality of our public discourse and effectiveness of our democratic institutions. Their National Advisory Board includes former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush; former Senators Tom Daschle and Olympia Snowe; former Secretaries of State Madeline Albright and Colin Powell; former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; and journalists like Katie Couric, Greta Van Susteren, and NPR’s Scott Simon.