You get a goat, and you get a goat, and you get a goat

Ann Schieck-Solomon and her husband, Kal, of Adrian, Minn., have been donating money to a scholarship in Ann’s daughter Shelby’s name since she died as the result of a car crash in November 2012.

This year they wanted to change things up a bit. So they gave away goats, the Worthington Daily Globe says.

“Since she was such an animal lover, I wanted to, in memory of her, get the goats and share them with you,” she told three Nobles County 4-H’ers, who won the essay contest required to win.

Want to see what winning a goat does for a kid’s (no pun intended) facial expression? Click the link and look at the Daily Globe’s photographs.

The rules were pretty simple: Write an essay and then show the goats later this year at the Nobles County Fair.

“My dad didn’t like it so much,” Claire Hoffman, 11, said of her essay, telling the Daily Globe her mom was supportive and helped her write her essay.

That’s lesson number one from the goat: Don’t run your essays by dad.

“This is good — this makes me happy,” Schieck-Solomon said. “[Shelby would] very much approve of this.”

  • MrE85

    As I’ve mentioned before, my Uncle Al ran a goat dairy, and I have great memories of helping feed and care their herd. I’ve been fond of the critters ever since. Goats are the first animal I look for when I go to the State Fair.

    I also run a essay contest scholarship that attracts a lot of entrees from rural kids (and city kids), so this post was especially interesting for me.

    Thanks for the link.

    • Jack

      Entrees? Thinking you meant entries but see my post above.

  • Zachary

    And after you show them, you can hire them out as buckthorn removal specialists!

    • Jack

      They also taste good. 🙂

      • Zachary

        not after they eat the buckthorn.