Whatever happened to Rashad McCants?

There were less talented people than Rashad McCants who carved out a nice basketball career in the National Basketball Association, but Rashad McCants couldn’t.

McCants is a Minnesota Timberwolves trivia question now. Drafted 14th overall in 2005, McCants played only four seasons in the NBA, all but 24 games with the Timberwolves. He was done by age 24.

Over his short career, he made an estimated $7.5 million.

His is a sad tale nonetheless.

He says the university for which he helped win an NCAA championship passed him along with the fake classes and ginned-up grades. He tells the Charlotte Observer this week that he wishes he’d revealed the alleged corruption earlier, hinting that maybe — maybe — he’d have gotten an education.

But with his NBA career done, he says his biggest regret is dating Khloe Kardashian.

“Without that situation in play, I’m a $60-70 million player,” McCants said. “Easily.”


He’s still trying to get something out of his declining talent. He’s signed on with the BIG3 – a new three-on-three league featuring former NBA players.

  • Barton

    I am not a fan of the Kardashians (Cardassians?), but it’s pretty ridiculous to blame the woman for your lack of focus… and fairly sexist in my opinion.

  • Gary F

    He made 7.5 million dollars at age 24. I don’t feel sorry for him. Even less because he dated a Kardhashian.

    I feel sorry for the other guys on that basketball team that didn’t make 7.5 million dollars that got a fake education to play basketball.

    • Since he was on a rookie contract, it’s highly unlikely there were any other players on that team who made less than McCants.

      • Gary F

        I’m saying the players on the college team that didn’t go pro or make it in the pros, who got a college degree without actually learning anything,

  • Mike

    I don’t understand the Khloe comment/excuse. She has been associated with Lamar Odom (married to), James Harden (dated), and Tristan Thompson (dating). All very successful NBA players. I don’t think she is the reason he didn’t get that 60-70 mil…

    • The distraction, perhaps? Sans the Kardashian, I suppose Rashad believes he could’ve/would’ve focused more on becoming a more talented, i.e. more valuable, player?

      • Barton

        He may believe that (might be true) but it isn’t the woman’s fault that he couldn’t focus: she is just his excuse, and that is fairly crap (sexist) of him not to take responsibility for his own choices.

        Unless she had kidnapped him? ….didn’t think so.

  • Mike

    I look forward to the day when we can stop pretending that “college athletics” is anything but a contradiction in terms.

  • MikeB

    Like a lot of guys he discovered that talent alone does not lead to an NBA career. Not many can handle money and fame at such a young age.

  • crystals

    It’s super gross to me that he is blaming a woman he dated for 6 months for his own professional failings. Was he complaining about it at the time? Was her vagina and “that situation” really so magical it affected his on court focus? Or is he just looking for a way to deflect from the fact that he just didn’t succeed in the NBA and yeah, that sucks in hindsight?

    Whatever the case, own it, dude. This isn’t about Khole Kardashian. It’s about you.

    • Dan

      Maybe it’s reading between the lines too much, but I inferred that he was talking about partying (maybe including drugs, and probably a lot of alcohol) and the high-roller lifestyle, more than any part of his ex’s anatomy.

  • Dan

    Well, they say the great players have unwavering confidence in themselves, here is a handy reminder that some of the not-so-great players have that, too.

    He did have a decent year the first season Garnett was gone. On a bad team. He could have lingered around the league longer, and made some good dough in the meantime, but nothing like $60 million. If, that is, he’d kept up his production — which for whatever reason, he couldn’t.

    The lack of consequences for UNC’s academic scandal continues to be the most surprising/not surprising story in college sports.

  • lindblomeagles

    I think what McCants is intimating here is the Kardashians have THEIR agenda and that agenda conflicted with Pro Basketball’s agenda. In other words, reality TV stars personally and economically need their lives to be TV shows. Everything, thus, is fair game for the big screen — the big fight over a past girlfriend; meeting Universal Studios top executive; spending a gaudy 1 billion dollars on a ring and proposing to her in the French Riviera. The NBA ACTUALLY is a lot like the NFL. They honestly don’t want a PUBLIC league, i.e. a league where the athletes’ personally lives are on full display for fans, parents in particular, to judge yea or nay on. The league LIVES OFF a clean-cut, all-business, with a heart, image. I don’t think McCants personally isn’t taking responsibility for his failures. I think, when he said this, it was one of those, “Why did I keep my mouth shut about North Carolina University? Why did I date a Kardashian? Why didn’t I save some of my money when I was in the league? Why . . . .? He’s in the “beat himself up” stage of grief.