Standing ovation for victim of racist taunts

It doesn’t erase the stain of the city’s racist reputation, but Boston Red Sox fans did what they could last night to apologize to a black player who was subject to racist taunts the night before.

In the short term, sometimes all you can do is clap your hands.

The number of people who sat with their arms folded also tells a story.

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  • BReynolds33

    It may not be enough, but it’s something. We need a lot more somethings in the world right now. Good on ya, Boston.

  • Found this interesting from yesterday:

    “Back in January, Red Sox starter David Price said he was on the receiving end of racist slurs from Boston fans as well. Outfielder Jackie Bradley, Jr. said he received racial taunts in 2014 when he was struggling. Barry Bonds said in 2004 that he would never play for the Red Sox because Boston is “too racist for me.” Vernon Wells said that, as a player, he was warned about only two stadiums where racist comments were common, and Fenway was one.

    “Add Yankees starter CC Sabathia to the list. The lefty said, “I’ve never been called the N-word” anywhere but Boston, Newsday’s Erik Boland reports. Sabathia continued, “We know. There’s 62 of us. We all know. When you go to Boston, expect it.” Sabathia said he hasn’t heard racist taunts from Boston fans since he’s been with the Yankees, though, because of increased security in the bullpen.”

    • There isn’t ANY black player who’s played at Fenway who doesn’t have the same story. Not. One.

  • lindblomeagles

    Small steps are a VERY BIG beginning towards change. Thank you to those who applauded.

  • Paul

    I’m curious how it was received.