Server goes ‘rogue’; refuses to serve Trump voters in Grand Forks

Here’s a pro tip for a happier life: Stop talking politics in social settings. Nothing good can come of it. Let’s just go back to talking about the weather. Or fishing.

A server at a Grand Forks, N.D., restaurant was fired after she asked patrons who they voted for.

That’s when a voice should’ve said, “no, don’t do that.”

“Donald Trump,” they replied.

So she refused to serve them.

The Grand Forks Herald says it happened at the Brick and Barley bar, based on a Facebook page by one of the customers.

“I understand people can have their opinions, but I felt this was extremely unprofessional. I respect everyone’s right as a citizen to vote for whomever they choose and I expect the same. Extremely disappointed on how I was treated,” Lucas Mondry wrote.

Sarah Horak, the bar’s owner, says she drove downtown immediately after reading the comment.

“It was an employee who went rogue and made her own choices, and unfortunately that has consequences,” Horak said.

It was “one of the shortest firing conversations of my career,” she added.