Racist message slipped into Menomonie yearbook

The “senior notes” section of the Menomonie (Wis.) High School yearbook carried the typical sort of nonsensical quote that usually is sprinkled throughout yearbooks:

“Ib has a tiny earning, but leaves a crisp kid satisfied.”

Weird, eh?

Take the first letter of each word and you’ll get the coded message.

The student has been suspended, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says, which isn’t much of a punishment, and now there’s the question of what to do with the yearbooks. Recall the yearbooks (they were distributed on Friday) or just let it pass?

“If the school district can’t afford to reprint it, I bet our community would come together to do a Go Fund Me (campaign) to reprint the yearbook,” said resident Melissa Smith-Tourville. “This is outrageous. Our students should not have to have it permanently etched in their yearbooks.”

At a rally outside the school yesterday, one student suggested keeping the yearbooks as evidence of racism in Menomonie.

The school district says students can rip the page out or they’ll provide a sticker to go over the offensive quote.

The school superintendent told the school board last night he doesn’t think there’ll be a senior notes page in the future.